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German Shepherd Puppies Make Great Gifts

German Shepherd Puppies/Dog Boarding A German Shepherd is one of the most loyal and trusted dogs you can have. Therefore, one or more German Shepherd puppies makes for a great gift for the holidays for your San Antonio family or friends whom you consider perfect pet owners. They can have a wonderful life with a German Shepherd with proper training and dog boarding. Dealing with these puppies requires attention and patience for a healthy and happy upbringing.  Before considering giving one or more puppies to family or friends, you’ll need to determine if the recipients have the money to provide a dog with healthy food and with grooming supplies. In addition, a San Antonio dog owner would want to seriously consider San Antonio dog boarding. 

Dog Boarding - The Better Option

Dog Boarding/German Shepherd Puppies If you have German shepherd puppies, you want the very best for them. When you are planning a trip out of town without them, your first thought is probably about finding the best person to take care of your dogs. There are many options for dog boarding in San Antonio. Some families choose to have someone come into their home to feed their dogs and take them outside, but there is a better option. 

German Shepherd Puppies Start Training 

German Shepherd Puppies in San AntonioIn San Antonio, German Shepherd puppies are in great demand. The German Shepherd puppies that we produce at Lara's Canine Solutions are given a rare start based on my knowledge as a Canine Behaviorist. I start developing my puppies at four weeks by putting little collars and tabs on them. The little German Shepherds will grab each others' tabs and pull each other around. The puppies will also step on their own tabs. This develops their tolerance for the leash, so that the little German Shepherd puppies don't panic when they first experience a leash walk as most puppies will do.

German Shepherd Puppies - There are many diverse types to choose from

German Shepherd Puppies in San AntonioThere are many opportunities to buy German Shepherd puppies in San Antonio.  One might think most German Shepherd puppies are basically the same.  This is a big mistake.  In the German Shepherd world, there are many diverse types of German Shepherd puppies to choose from.  The least healthy (because they are bred for appearance and little else) are the “American” AKC Champions, with the Roman nose and the overangulated back legs, and chests deeper than their elbows. These dogs  are not put together correctly, and have lost their working roots.   Also to be avoided are the White German Shepherd puppies.  The white coat is a recessive gene, which generally means there are other recessive, unwanted genes that are hidden and can cause health and temperament problems.