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Dog Training And Boarding In New Braunfels and Wimberley TX.

We are a leading provider of dog training, boarding, and information to help you deal with any of the problems that can occur with dog ownership. We also breed world class German Shepherd Dogs from German and Slovak bloodlines, bred from Schutzhund stock.

How to Get Started with Dog Training



Every dog must be evaluated by a trainer. During the evaluation a trainer will ask about your training goals and assess your dog. This process takes about an hour.


Dog Training

After the evaluation, we can proceed two different ways: you and your dog can train in private lessons or you can enroll your dog for our board and train program.


Types of Training

We offer many types of training from basic obedience to advanced skills such as service dog work.

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Clean, safe & fun

Dog Boarding & Daycare

When you take a vacation, send you dog to one of our hill country boarding retreats. Our kennels are designed to alleviate the stress of boarding through caring staff and providing spacious and clean indoor/outdoor runs.

What’s Included?

  • We provide high quality dog food.

  • Bath and nail trim provided with a stay of 2 nights or more.

  • Play groups for friendly dogs.

  • Climate controlled indoor kennels.

  • Outdoor exercise spaces.

World-Class German Shepherd Dogs

German Shepherd Breeding

Interested in a German Shepherd? Fill out our online application, then call (830)-743-4119 to set up an interview.

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Interested in adopting?

Lara’s Canine Rescues for Adoption

Fill out our adoption questionnaire to get information on adoption availability, or print our questionnaire to submit a hard-copy.

  • Each of our rescues go through our 4 week  Training ($3,300.00 value)
  • They are Spayed/ Neutered
  • Adoption Fee of $350
  • Each rescue comes with 3 private lessons
  • Collar and leash are include with adoption
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Mia Nelson

& Pip the Chihuauha

“When we got Houdini she seemed like such a sweet puppy. We got a video on dog training and did what it said. Then she ate the meter man, a neighbor, and knocked me to the ground each time I walked out the back door. When we finally decided to throw food to her over the fence rather than open the gate or the back door, someone told us about a miracle worker named Lara. We met with her and wondered if Houdini would eat her too but by the 4th lesson Houdini had learned to salute her! Now we take Houdini for walks, we entertain in the back yard as she is in a long stay and wouldn’t dare get up, and we have the well mannered, obedient dog we’ve always wanted.”

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Gilbert and Diane Garcia

Happy Customer

“Dear Lara: MilliThank you so much for training our dog Milli with amazing results. We purchased our full bred Boxer Pup with high expectations of a life long family dog. We took the advice of a friend who says Boxers are the best and purchased a Championship bloodline boxer. My intuition was right when I got the pick of the litter as my intuition was right when we placed our pup at 7 months old with you for training. When we came to pick up our pup not only did we see a different look in our dog’s eyes but we also brought home a puppy that respected our commands and repeat training. WE TRULY HAVE A DIFFERENT WELL-BEHAVED DOG! With honest, hard working, knowledgeable trainers like you, we not only felt compelled to send you this letter but to recommend you to anyone who wants the job done RIGHT and with RESULTS. Thank you Lara for all your hard work and dedication and most of all THANK YOU for loving our animals, understanding them and taking your job FOR US seriously. Trainers who claim to know what they are doing have already fooled us; you are truly the BEST.”

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The Senna Family

Happy Customer

Let Lara’s Canine Solutions bring the best out of your best friend!

Call us today at (830) 904-4863 (New Braunfels) or (512) 618-6006 (Wimberley) for more information!