4 Reasons Not to Feel Guilty about Dog Boarding

4 Reasons Not to Feel Guilty about Dog Boarding


Pet owners may regard their dogs as members of the family, so parting with them is difficult to do when vacations or weekend trips arrive. Dog boarding is one of the most common solutions for pet owners when they need quality care for their furry friend. Whether owners live in New Braunfels or another town, there are several reasons why they shouldn’t feel guilty about these dog boarding facilities.


The Excitement is Real

A pet could have come from a dog rescue or other facility, but every animal loves stimulation through playing and socializing. Dogs at boarding facilities may not have time to worry about their family being away because they’re too busy playing with other dogs and fetching balls thrown by staff members. Their excitement during play allows them to rest deeply afterward. At the end of the day, they’re well-rested and happy with their surroundings.

One-on-One Training

Many boarding facilities even offer training classes for the dogs. A personalized training session might include learning to sit and stay, for example. Although some animals might have learned certain skills at their dog rescue facility, refining basic commands and behaviors is a fun way for the pet to remain stimulated. When pet owners return for their dog, they’ll be able to use these commands for the rest of their lives.

Dog Boarding and Health Concerns

Pet owners are often guilty about leaving their dogs at a boarding facility because of possible health concerns. It’s important to note that all of these facilities require pet owners to show proof of vaccinations and other health-related documents. If the pet received shots at a dog rescue, for instance, owners must show those medical notes to the facility for admission in the first place.

Food and Medical Attention

Every dog has their likes and dislikes, but some pets even have allergy or health issues too. Reputable boarding facilities can customize dog food menus for these particular animals. They’ll be healthy and happy while the owners are on their trip.

Pet owners who feel guilty about their dog being boarded at a professional facility can be consoled with the fact that around-the-clock care is always available. In fact, some facilities even have web cameras that allow pet owners to see their dogs on any Internet connection. As a result, pet owners are aware of their dog’s behavior even if they’re miles away from the facility.

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