7 Questions To Ask Your German Shepherd Breeder

So you’ve decided to get a German Shepherd puppy. This is a big step and can be so rewarding. Your time raising a GSD (German Shepherd Dog)German Shepherd Breeder will no doubt be a rewarding experience. Finding the right dog for you and your family starts with proactively talking to a responsible German Shepherd breeder. How can you tell if a breeder is everything you need them to be and what signs point to competent breeding practices? 


There are many factors to consider when raising a new dog, and many pertinent questions to ask your breeder. It is very valuable to understand your breeder, your interested dog breed, and what makes up your puppy. There are many steps coming up on this journey and information can play a very key role. There are many great dog obedience classes San Antonio, and by knowing what questions should be on your mind, you can best navigate these crucial first few months and years. 


Important Questions For Your German Shepherd Breeder

Knowing your breeder and building a relationship with open communication can be very important. To understand your dog you need to understand your breeder.


Have The Parents Been Tested? 

German Shepherds are working dogs. This means you should have some history to verify a dog’s work ability and temperament. Potential parents should pass all relevant testing to show trainability, temperament, and should also show testing hip and elbow fitness. 


Are The Parents Registered? What Is Their Pedigree? 

Registration is really just a proof of pedigree and bloodline history. You can learn a lot about new puppies from their pedigree. This can include, temperament, skill sets, attitude and disposition, and even health concerns. A quality German Shepherd Breeder can give you an adequate rundown of the line’s strengths and weaknesses and why this litter was chosen as a balance between the parents to improve on the breed. 


Can You Meet The Parents? 

This may not always be possible. This is often because breeders will often use a quality male that is owned by someone else and may not live near you. They can often still provide many details, pictures, accolades and descriptions of the male. Be wary of any breeder that is reluctant to introduce you to the parents. 


What Are The Health Concerns In The Parents?

Parental lineage is important for many reasons. But perhaps the most relevant is understanding potential health concerns and medical predispositions. GSDs struggle with many genetic and hereditary health conditions and the breeding process is often focused on reducing the negatives and accentuating the positives. A good German Shepherd breeder should be able to provide you with a very clear medical history and a breakdown of risks and concerns.


Do They Provide A Health Guarantee? 

Contracts should protect both the breeder and the new owner. There are many health factors that could come into play, and some breeders offer warranties and guarantees as well as have contracts with specific stipulations. Be sure to carefully read and consider all contract details.


Are Puppies Up To Date With Vaccinations And Vet Care?

By the time you make a purchase, your puppy should have had multiple rounds of deworming, vaccination, and checkups and health screenings. It is also important to ask about microchipping. 


Does The Breeder Provide References?

You need to thoroughly vet your breeder. If you can watch training days or events this can give you a window into their process. Like any critical buying process, almost nothing competes with the value of word of mouth. Ask around and try to gather an objective and impartial image of your breeder. 


There are many other considerations to keep in mind when raising this incredible breed, but having a good breeder relationship and knowing the parents is an important start. Depending on their proximity, a German Shepherd breeder may have recommendations for dog obedience classes San Antonio as well. 


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