Canine Behaviorist & Professional Trainer

  • Graduated San Marcos High School, 1988, with Honors, National Merit Scholar
  • Graduated Southwestern University, 1992, BFA with Honors, Alpha Psi Omega

Lara began her career with an amazing opportunity to apprentice with John M. Henkel at Von Wilhendorf Kennels. John taught her his techniques in behavioral modification without unnecessary drug therapy, and introduced her to the world of the true German Shepherd Dog.

At VWK she had the opportunity to:

  • Work with World Class German Shepherd Dogs for Confirmation, Ring, and Schutzhund work
  • Perfect Ring Work for Obedience Trials
  • Work with Police and Security Services perfecting Tracking, Protection and Alertion
  • Employ Behavior Modification and Manners Training

Lara opened LCS in 1994 in Massachusetts first by working from her home and making house calls. Since that time Lara has been living her dream of helping people and animals live in harmony. All in a day’s work includes:

  • Evaluation and rehabilitation of dogs with serious behavioral problems through personalized one on one training with the owner, and behavior modification without drug therapy
  • Motivating extremely unwilling dogs
  • Polishing and perfecting obedience skills and routines
  • Developing other people’s handling
  • Building trust, confidence and courage
  • Habituating a dog to tolerance
  • Instilling respect and shaping a well-mannered dog
  • Deflecting and disarming a potentially dangerous dog without alienating the dog
  • Understanding, preventing and redirecting self-destructive tendencies in dogs

In the beginning of her career with dogs, she also worked as a senior staff member, behavioral consultant and adoption counselor at the Northeast Animal Shelter, a very busy non-destroy shelter, famous in the New England area.

  • Senior Staff member responsible for judgement calls, handling conflict and supervising other staff’s decisions
  • Screened and advised prospective adopters of second-hand dogs and cats
  • Evaluated temperament and health of incoming animals
  • Alert to signs of sickness, versed in Emergency First Aid
  • Predicted unmanageability due to stress, environment, or unsound character
  • Handled conflict and grief in a highly-charged emotional setting with a non-confrontational, professional attitude

Lara has returned to her native Texas and opened a beautiful kennel on 250 acres in the lovely Texas Hill Country. Here, dogs have the perfect environment for learning in a quiet country atmosphere.

She has also started training dogs for people who need assistance due to various disabilities. In addition, she has remained active in Schutzhund training and has recently been sharpening her skills through the sport of Mondio as well.

Office Manager & Senior Trainer

  • Graduated from UTSA with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology
  • Received her Masters Degree in Business from Webster University
  • Attended the IACP conference-A symposium of Behavioral Experts, Scientists, and Trainers from around the world

  • Volhard Healthy Dog Conference in 2008 – Nutrition, natural diagnosis techniques, homeopathy, acupuncture and herbal remedies
  • Volhard Training Camp participant in 2009 – An exploration of Volhard training techniques with her dogs: Porshe and Tabby
  • Fostered Service Dogs for Operation K9 starting in 2016 – A non-profit organization training service dogs for veterans suffering from PTSD
  • Lara’s Canine Solutions 2008-Present – Office Manager, Apprentice and Trainer

Kelly has an excellent mind for research and one of her strengths and passions is the study of nutritional support for physical and chemical issues in dogs. She is a proponent of biologically appropriate raw diet, and an unofficial expert in vitamin and herbal supplements.

As a girl, she began riding horses at 13 years of age. She enjoyed competing as a Hunter/Jumper. Her love of training and building her relationship with animals began to blossom. She was given her first German Shepherd Dog at 15. She is a huge asset to our facility both in her endless patience fielding the phone calls and many questions of our public and in her organizational skills. She is an insightful and skilled trainer for our clients.

Kennel Manager & Senior Trainer

  • Associates degree in Science
  • Working on her Bachelors Degree in Micro Biology and Immunology

Lindsey grew up as an Army brat traveling the country with her family due to her father being in the military. She met her husband while in Hawaii and the couple moved back to Texas.

Lindsey worked in the medical field as a medical assistant for several years before deciding a career change was in order. She started working at Lara’s Canine Solutions in 2008 as a kennel technician and was responsible for caring for the dogs at the kennel, after a year she started apprenticing with Lara to train dogs.

She finds working with animals very rewarding. She and her husband currently have four dogs, Roger Staubach (German Shepherd), Bob Lilly (Lab/X) and Bitty (Chihuahua/X), and Beasley ( Min Pin x). They enjoy running around the family farm and helping to herd the goats.