When we got Houdini she seemed like such a sweet puppy. We got a video on dog training and did what it said. Then she ate the meter man, a neighbor, and knocked me to the ground each time I walked out the back door. When we finally decided to throw food to her over the fence rather than open the gate or the back door, someone told us about a miracle worker named Lara. We met with her and wondered if Houdini would eat her too but by the 4th lesson Houdini had learned to salute her! Now we take Houdini for walks, we entertain in the back yard as she is in a long stay and wouldn’t dare get up, and we have the well mannered, obedient dog we’ve always wanted.”

Gilbert and Diane Garcia

“Dear Lara: MilliThank you so much for training our dog Milli with amazing results. We purchased our full bred Boxer Pup with high expectations of a life long family dog. We took the advice of a friend who says Boxers are the best and purchased a Championship bloodline boxer. My intuition was right when I got the pick of the litter as my intuition was right when we placed our pup at 7 months old with you for training. When we came to pick up our pup not only did we see a different look in our dog’s eyes but we also brought home a puppy that respected our commands and repeat training. WE TRULY HAVE A DIFFERENT WELL-BEHAVED DOG! With honest, hard working, knowledgeable trainers like you, we not only felt compelled to send you this letter but to recommend you to anyone who wants the job done RIGHT and with RESULTS. Thank you Lara for all your hard work and dedication and most of all THANK YOU for loving our animals, understanding them and taking your job FOR US seriously. Trainers who claim to know what they are doing have already fooled us; you are truly the BEST.”

-The Senna Family

“I would like to take the time to describe some of the reasons why we would recommend Lara Fry and her company Canine Solutions. When we were given Lara’s name by our Vet we were having serious behavior problems with our 14 month old Springer Spaniels. We have one male and one female (littermates) who were having serious dogfights several times per week and sometimes several times a day. In addition, our male had begun growling at us when we moved him, corrected him, or sometimes if we moved near him. They had both been to some formal training but this behavior was escalating and we really needed help.

It was very obvious to us that Lara was knowledgeable and had our safety and our dog’s well being as her highest priorities. Her manner was professional. She communicated clearly. Her evaluation was thorough and methodical-she explained each part and what it meant. She made sure she had a complete picture of the dogs’ behavior, environment, and our interactions with our pets. After the evaluation, she discussed her findings, the plan, and gave us an idea of what to expect. Lara was immediately helpful with some general tips before our first training session.

Merlin and Jasmin.

We saw great improvement even after after the first two training sessions. So much so that we were tempted to think the problem was solved….but that was just a “honeymoon” period. Thankfully, we did not make the mistake of quitting our training too early. Had we not followed up with our weekly lessons, we would have never been successful. The skills we learned in the next 5 weeks are invaluable today and for the future. Our dogs behave because we have their respect-not because we keep dog treats in our pockets and scattered around the house to bribe them into behaving, or beat them into submission.

Lara demonstrated each method thoroughly to make sure we had all of the tools necessary to train our dogs to be respectful, obedient, well mannered, confident, and a joy to be around. To summarize, Lara consistently gave professional, individual attention to us as her clients and to our pets. Her methods were successful. We would highly recommend Lara Fry and Canine Solutions to anyone who has a dog with behavior problems or who simply wants to obtain skills to successfully train their dogs.”

Debi Canon, M.S.N, Roy Canon, Ph.D.

To Whom It May Concern:

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend the services of Lara Fry of Canine Solutions. My wife, Shannon, and I have known Lara a little over a year now, and she has had a dramatic impact on our lives.

Shannon is a volunteer at a local animal shelter, and it was there that she became attached to a young pit bull terrier named Petey. Petey was lovable but aggressive toward other animals. He consistently intimidated strangers, and he loved to dominate every situation he was in. Consequently, it was almost impossible to walk Petey on a leash.
It soon became obvious to Shannon that Petey was not a dog that was going to be adopted very quickly, and she approached me about the possibility of us taking him into our home. I vehemently objected. After all, he was a pit bull, and we already had two dogs of our own. After several months of discussion and meetings with Petey, I too began to grow fond of this little bully. I agreed that we would adopt Petey if he could be trained to be obedient and to live in our home with the other animals. Shannon and I consulted our veterinarian, and he recommended the best animal behaviorist he knew – Lara Fry.

Lara’s training techniques were fascinating and very effective. In several lessons, Petey became a very well adjusted and well behaved dog. He is a pleasure to have in our home and has become an integral part of our family. Under Lara’s tutelage, Petey graduated from basic obedience training and moved to off-leash and basic tracking techniques.

So, it is with both pleasure and no reservations that I recommend Lara Fry. Shannon and I are grateful for what she accomplished with Petey, but we are sad to see her move on. We will miss an excellent trainer and friend.”


Scott A. St. Pierre and Shannon L. St. Pierre

“Dear Lara, Boy, are we ever going to miss you! Before we met you, I was a basket case and George could have cared less whether he had a home, got lost, or even wound up getting kidnapped! (He didn’t show any love or respect for our food provider; and in return, she wound up feeling much the same towards him!) I, on the other hand, was very timid (with scary aggressive tendencies that I couldn’t control) and I was totally disobedient. (Unlike George, however, I loved our food provider and she loved me, regardless of my bad behavior.) When we met you, though, things sure started to change! I began to respect our food provider as the boss, and that started to make me less timid! (After all, if I wasn’t the one trying to run the show, what did I have to be scared of?) And George, believe it or not, truly began to respect, love, and depend on people. Now I am (as my name implies) absolutely gracious to everyone I meet. Remember when we first met, when I used to get scared sometimes and growl really loud at strangers? Not any more, because now I know how to behave as a self-respecting canine! And we know it makes our food provider smile when we come when we’re called and obey her when she asks us to sit or down or even stand! (I have to admit, that stand command really makes grooming a breeze and that down command makes everyone happy when company comes around!) It’s been a long road and we still have a ways to go — we just really, really wish you were going to be with us!” Love Always,

Gracie and George