Adopt from a Dog Rescue Facility – It’s the Right Choice!

Adopt from a Dog Rescue Facility – It’s the Right Choice!

Dogs are not just our pets to most of us. They are family. Bringing a dog into your home means years of love, companionship, and loyalty. It also means years of responsibility that includes Veterinary visits, regular feedings, grooming, and training. Not everyone is cut out to be a pet owner so before you adopt, and hopefully you will adopt from a dog rescue facility, be sure you take these factors into consideration.

There are several options for dog adoption in the San Antonio and New Braunfels areas, but the best, and most ethical way is probably through a dog rescue. Buying a pet from a pet store means there’s a good chance the animal came from a puppy mill. Puppy mills do not place the dogs’ well-being at the top of their priority list. A rescue takes animals from difficult or abusive relationships and works to find loving, forever homes. Here are some reasons why it is best to avoid certain animal sellers and adopt through a dog rescue.

Puppy Mills Are Concerned with the Bottom Line

Generally, the only thing that concerns puppy mills is the bottom line. Each animal they raise is valued by how much money they can get by selling them. They don’t want to spend much on the puppy, or else it will cut into their return on investment. This means that the animals are kept in cramped conditions, and not always provided proper nutrition or medical care. They do not exercise, and they often have developed health conditions when they leave. They use a factory mindset with regards to dog breeding. Adult females are there to produce babies, and once they are no longer able to fulfill that function, they are killed.

They Do Not Worry About Health

Once a puppy is born in a puppy mill, they are then a product to be sold. There is very little regard to the health of the animal since the goal is to get them out of the mill quickly. Many animals who are sick at birth are simply killed since they are considered too much of a nuisance. Not only that, but animals that are placed in wire cages often injure themselves or get sick from the unsanitary conditions. Since they are not walked, they often have poor motor skills. In addition, the animals are not taught social skills by their parents, so they are socially stunted.

How is Dog Rescue Different?

A rescue is a different type of operation altogether. For one, they are not concerned with profit. They do need to cover expenses, but that is it. A dog rescue finds and receives dogs that are in difficult situations. They may have been abandoned or abused, or they may have belonged to an owner who passed away suddenly. Whatever the reason, a rescue facility will take in these animals, nurse them back to health, and then find places for them to live the rest of their lives happily. A dog rescue provides a second chance for them to live a happy, healthy life.

As you can see, a puppy mill is interested only in exploiting poor, defenseless animals so that they can make a buck. They do not follow-up with the families to whom they adopt the dogs since they don’t care. By adopting from a puppy mill, you are, in essence, supporting this vile behavior. A dog rescue will make sure that there is a good match for dog adoption between the potential new owners and the dog. These are animals that desperately need a place to call home, and you can support this effort by dog adoption through a dog rescue organization.

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