All the Furry Details About Dog Kennels.

All the Furry Details About Dog Kennels.

At one time or another, pet owners will toy with the thought of dog kennels. These facilities have come a long way, offering daytime or overnight stays for paying customers. Dog training is usually offered by highly talented trainers at these facilities. Although Fido may be a bit apprehensive about visiting these alternative places, pet owners can learn about all the furry details before selecting the right match for their pooch.


Not All Facilities are Alike

Before any dog kennels are chosen, take some time to physically visit the facilities. Some businesses offer individual pet beds or rooms, for instance. Look for controlled playtime with other dogs. If a pet is particularly small, owners may want playtime divided between small and big dogs. Be sure to ask about vaccinations. Most kennels require all vaccinations to keep animals safe from disease.


Verify State Licenses Beforehand

Each state has slightly different rules regarding licenses. Contact local authorities to ask about kennel licensing. Each facility must undergo thorough inspections and program examinations to ensure happy dogs emerge from the kennel. They’ll even evaluate any dog training offered on the property. Pet owners who verify state licenses have a comfort level with the facility before they even meet any personnel.


Training at Dog Kennels

Pet owners should be aware that dog trainer expertise isn’t always included with kennel pricing. Dog training packages are usually provided with varying degrees of complexity based on time at the facility and cost. If a dog has never had training, for instance, a complex package could be purchased to cover all the basics. Only some specialty kennels actually include training with basic care.


Is Grooming Part of the Package?

Pet owners want their dogs to look spectacular when picked up at the kennel, so inquire about grooming. Unless otherwise specified, it’s almost always an extra charge. However, these charges are usually less than a standard groomer’s cost. Look for nail clipping, coat thinning and even conditioning. Dogs will act and look better after a trip to the kennel.

Not every city has dog kennels, but it’s possible to find them close to neighborhoods, such as New Braunfels and San Antonio. Find these facilities as close to home as possible, so picking up the family pet isn’t a long haul. With a little time and good behavior, dogs can emerge with new skills and talents to please the entire family.


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