Benefits of Dog Adoption

Dog Adoption – Do Your Research Before Making a Decision

Dog Adoption/Dog Training Before dismissing the idea of getting a dog from the shelter in San Antonio, think about the kind of dog that would fit into the family. There are some myths and truths about dog adoption and dog training that should be explored before making decisions. Shelter dogs are often at the pound through no fault of their own. There are benefits to dog adoption that should be considered. Push past the myths and see the truth about dog adoption.

Myth 1

Getting a Problem Dog

Most people who bypass pet adoption feel like they’re going to get a dog that was dropped at the shelter because it was unruly or bad somehow. Most pets are in the shelter because the previous owners were unable to care for them, circumstances changed or the person was an irresponsible pet owner. Dogs with behavioral problems are not put up for adoption.

Myth 2

Older Dogs Are Untrainable

Every dog is able to be trained with proper guidance and patience. The age of the dog makes no difference when it comes to dog training.  Patience and consistent treatment of the animal is what’s important. Obedience training and socialization are essential for all dogs. Lara’s Canine Solutions is a great place to get information and instruction on dog training if the new owner hasn’t had much experience with dog training.

Truths About Dog Adoption

Truth 1

Save An Animal

When you adopt a dog, you’re saving an animal from a cage. In some cases, you may be saving that dog’s life. In turn, that dog is enriching its owner’s life by providing a loving and loyal companion.

Truth 2

Save Money On Purchase

Dogs that are saved from the shelter can cost less than a young dog or puppy. Future dog owners might have a particular breed in mind because of temperament or characteristics. The mixed breed dog from the shelter might have those same characteristics. Purebreds do get dropped off at the shelter for a variety of reasons, which makes the shelter a good place to find the perfect pet.

Truth 3

Skip The Puppy Phase

Every puppy has to be trained to do the simplest task from being housebroken to sitting on command. A grown dog needs less training than a puppy. This is a plus to many people who don’t have the time or inclination to train a small puppy. They take more work than a grown pet.

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