Understanding The Different Methods Of Canine Training

Canine Training – There Are Two Components: Teaching And Motivating

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There are two components to training:  teaching and motivating.  First we teach our friend, the dog, what something means.  A behavior is linked with a cue, either a word or a signal.  Then we motivate the dog to want to give us that behavior.  It sounds very simple, and it can be, when you understand your dog’s unique perspective.  What most people don’t realize, is that each method of teaching and motivating has different side-effects, some we want, some we don’t. (more…)

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Canine Training – The Importance of Hiring a Professional Dog Training

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Bringing a new dog into the house often means that it’s time for canine training. Many people think that they can undertake the task themselves, and some successfully achieve this mission. However, in order to properly ensure that the dog’s training needs have been fulfilled, hiring a professional trainer is the approach to take. (more…)

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