Dog Behavior Problems Related To Dominance And How To Address Them


Dogs are very complex animals, and raising a puppy or adopting one from a dog rescue can certainly be a big challenge. Your new best friend may exhibit some trying behaviors, even if they are well trained. Chances are that you’ll run into some dog behavior problems no matter what the circumstances are. With some patience and care, however, you can make sure that your furry friend is happy, friendly, and thriving under your care.


There is no morality in the canine kingdom. Dogs don’t choose their actions based on what’s right and wrong. Even if you are trying to enforce that idea in them, that’s not how it works in a dog’s mind. They simply do whatever works, and it’s your job as a pet owner to train them. If you reward or are ambivalent to “bad” behavior, then you will only be enforcing that behavior. 


The crux of so many behavioral issues is your dog struggling with dominance. They want to be the alpha of the pack, and even if they acknowledge you as the alpha, they may not show that respect to others. Here are some dominance issues that may arise and how you can address them. 


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