Choose the Right Dog Trainer with These Helpful Tips

One of the most important aspects of building a trusting relationship between you and your dog is dog obedience training. Together under the guidance of a dog trainer you will work and communicate to accomplish goals. Not only that, but all too often, untrained dog owners inadvertently encourage bad behaviors. However, choosing the right trainer to help you is very important. Here are some good tips to help you choose the right dog trainer for you and your pup.

A “Positive” Attitude

Studies have shown that dogs react much better to positive reinforcement than to negative. Gone are the days when it is acceptable or productive to smack the snout with a newspaper. Now, the best way to encourage good behavior is by rewarding it with treats, attention, or a toy. It’s vital to go with a trainer who understands this concept. Otherwise, you might end up spinning your wheels using bad techniques. They should be gentle, caring, and relaxed around your dog. They will also have several options at their disposal to help your pooch learn.

Clear and Concise

A good dog trainer will always make their instructions clear. They will demonstrate when necessary and use a dog from the class to help. That way everyone will understand what is being asked of them. Any feedback provided should be provided calmly and constructively, as opposed to condescending. Some trainers like to laugh and keep things light, while others are more straightforward and serious. Either way is fine, and you should choose whichever one suits you.

What Should Concern You?

As mentioned, if the trainer suggests using punishment for dog obedience, then you should be running fast in the other direction. This can include things like screaming, smacking, choking, grabbing the scruff, or any action that might harm or frighten the pooch. Even if your dog learns from these techniques, you will no doubt permanently damage the trusting relationship you might have with your dog. They will fear you and only behave correctly because of it. It won’t be a loving and caring bond.

What Exactly Is Positive Reinforcement?

Think about it. When you are at work, do you prefer to be yelled at, or do you prefer to get kudos for a job well done? Most people prefer the pats on the back. The same goes for dogs. As soon as your pooch does something right, like sits in place, then you should reward him. That reward can be anything your dog loves, like attention, treats, or play time. Quickly, your dog should start to repeat those behaviors and have fun learning them. When you first start training for a behavior, give your dog treats as often as possible when she completes a task. As she gets better at it, then you can start to provide the reward less frequently until they are performing the behavior automatically.

How Long Does It Take?

All dogs learn at their own pace, and you may train them at your pace as well. After you have completed your dog obedience classes, you must continue to work on your skills as a trainer, which will help your dog work on her skills. This can take a different length of time for everyone.

Where Can I Find a Good Dog Trainer?

Luckily, you don’t have to look far for a great dog trainer in the New Braunfels area, including San Antonio. Lara’s Canine Solutions provides excellent training courses that will help your dog’s behavior and build a special bond between you and your pup.

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