Choosing the Right Professional Dog Trainer For Your Puppy

Choosing the Right Professional Dog Trainer For Your Puppy

Your puppy may be a few weeks old. He’s adorable but already a handful. You flirt with the thought of dog obedience classes. This idea isn’t so unusual in the pet world because starting early is always a good idea. Wondering where to find a good school is your next challenge. Luckily, there are several factors to weigh as you seek out the best dog trainer in the region. The top professionals will have similar teaching styles and goals.


Time it Right

A mistake that often occurs in the training world is deciding on a class when the pup is already an adult. Bad habits have already set in. Start any dog obedience classes at a young age. Ideally, puppies between eight and 12 weeks old are perfect for new behaviors. Their minds are still being molded through daily experiences.

If you’ve already passed this time period, your pup’s behavior isn’t impossible to adjust. Simply make an appointment with a professional dog trainer who can give you personalized attention. Starting your puppy training at any point before the first birthday should be your goal.

Visit a Class

If you’ve only had a dog for a short time period, you may not know what’s involved with their training. As you narrow down your San Antonio trainers, ask about sitting in on a class. Reputable trainers are pleased to display their skills to any observers. Be aware of everyone’s demeanor during the class, including the dogs. The entire class should be in a good mood with positive reinforcement throughout the exercises. Mistakes will be made by everyone, but they’re learning tools for the dogs instead of reasons for punishment.

Understand the Limits

Training your dog has many advantages, including control over jumping on furniture or pulling on the leash during a walk. However, standard training cannot fix every issue. If your pup has aggression or anxiety issues, they’re best solved by a professional behaviorist. Standard training will help in almost every other aspect of the dog’s life. From listening to a command to following it through, this training forges a bond between you and the pet. Understanding the limits of training will make it a more rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Progress Over Several Weeks

One or two training classes isn’t enough for a solid education. Most trainers set class goals that stretch over seven to 10 weeks. Each week, a new behavior may be introduced. Other behaviors become part of a practice period that solidifies the concepts in the dogs’ minds. There are celebrations and milestones that occur throughout the training. Your pup might graduate with honors or earn a fun certificate to commemorate the training’s completion. All of this training benefits you and the pet as it grows older.

Get In On Refresher Courses With a Dog Trainer

Once your initial classes are over, don’t let those skills go to waste. Practice them at home. In addition, try refresher courses each year. These classes go over the learned skills at a faster pace. Your pup runs through the behaviors so that they can practice them in a controlled atmosphere. The refresher courses are important for both the dogs and owners. You’ll recall certain commands along with the dog.

San Antonio is home to many dog obedience classes with various professionals. Choosing an experienced facility, such as Lara’s Canine Solutions, gives you a chance to work personally with the dog trainer. Give your puppy a solid start in life with training that lasts a lifetime. At the end of the day, the commands and behaviors are fun playtimes for the pets.

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