Common misconceptions about dog boarding

When it comes to spending long periods of time away from home while traveling, many San Antonio pet owners look to dog boarding, instead of asking a friend or family member. While this can be costlier than the alternative, it also has a wealth of benefits for dogs. Additionally, many of the most common reservations people have about dog boarding and dog training are untrue. Here are a few of the misconceptions people have about dog boarding.

Dog boarding makes dogs sick

At any reputable dog boarding facility, all pets will need to undergo a complete examination before they are admitted. In addition to this, most places will require that dogs be up to date on all shots and vaccinations, therefore reducing the risk of infection substantially. A reputable facility will typically have access to a veterinarian should any issues arise. This ensures that animals are well cared for and gives the owner peace of mind.

Dogs are not properly cared for

Many owners believe that they are the only ones who can properly look after their pets. While it’s true that pets typically share a bond with their owner, dog boarding professionals are usually pet lovers and have received proper dog training. They are well equipped in dealing with a host of situations. Some facilities even provide dog training, only adding to the sense that the family dog is being well cared-for.

Dog boarding will make pets more aggressive

In reality, the opposite is true when it comes to dog boarding! Being around other dogs can help a dog become more comfortable with the idea. With the proper dog training, most facilities also have activities for dogs that are designed to increase their sociability and promote safe interaction with other dogs.

Dog boarding increases a dog’s risk of separation anxiety

This is another misconception that is far from true. In reality, leaving a dog alone at home for long periods of time is much more likely to induce this harmful disorder than leaving him in a facility where he is constantly surrounded by other humans and dogs.

For anyone considering leaving their dog at home for an extended period, it may be worth looking into dog boarding services in the area. Knowing the facts can help alleviate any doubts and may be the best option for both the dog and its owner.

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