The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Dog Kennels.

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Dog Kennels.

The family dog is everyone’s best friend, but when a vacation arrives Fido is left to fend for himself. However, today’s pet professionals understand that dogs can’t just be left in the backyard for a week on their own. Dog kennels are becoming more popular as swanky facilities try to outdo their competition. Here’s a guide to basic kennel practices to ensure the family dog has a great time while away from loved ones.


Shots when Living in Dog Kennels

The family knows the dog is clean and healthy, but all reputable dog kennels must have proof of vaccines. Severe and contagious diseases, such as rabies, must be ruled out of these facilities. Because of the close quarters, just one infected dog could sicken a dozen others.


Dog Training Helps

If Fido can sit and stay, they’ll fit in perfectly at the kennel. Dog training is crucial so handlers can control the animal during playtime and transitions. Rambunctious animals with no control may hurt other dogs or the professionals themselves.


Canine Playtime

Ask about playtime for the dogs. Each facility has a slightly different schedule for their visitors. Some strict institutions may not allow dogs to interact with one another. However, placing dogs together in a fun environment encourages mental and physical enrichment. Balls and sticks are usually the toys of choice, allowing the canines to work with one another and have a great time in the process.


That Personal Touch

Although it could be an extra charge, splurge on some one-on-one time with the dog and handlers. A scheduled time of 30 or 60 minutes can be set aside so the family dog can have individual attention. The handler may play with the dog or encourage training habits. Family can even ask for specific activities to enrich the dog’s time in the kennel.


Adding in the Extras

If the family is taking off for a week or more, add a few grooming extras to the kennel visit. Facilities often provide baths, coat grooming and other hygiene essentials. Try a few selections to make the dog feel comfortable.

Don’t let Fido run around New Braunfels or San Antonio, but give them a treat with proper dog kennels. As long as the pet is healthy and updated with vaccines, their dog training should come in handy with professional handlers entertaining them daily. They may not want to leave when the family returns.


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