Dog Adoption: What to Expect During the Process.

Dog Adoption: What to Expect During the Process.

Adopting a new best friend is an extraordinarily special day in the hearts of adults and children alike. Dogs and puppies present a form of love, companionship and responsibility for a growing family. The dog adoption process has a few checkpoints that must be observed to match the right canine to the perfect owner. 


Interviews and Paperwork

Dog kennels and private breeders have slightly different adoption processes, but most have both an interview and paperwork. The dog adoption process starts with paperwork describing the family and property. Although some of the questions seem very personal, the facility must know the animal is being adopted by the right people. The interview solidifies the vetting process as staff observe children and parents with the desired canine.


Meeting New Friends

A major part of the adoption process is interacting with the dogs. Dog kennels usually have an open, but fenced, area to allow the dog to run and play with children and parents. Staff and the family can see if the dog is aggressive toward children or too shy, for example. It’s a smart idea to work with several dogs separately to see which one really fits the family mold.


Private Owner Consideration

If a dog-lover wants to adopt a canine from a local owner, it’s up to that breeder to define their processes. For most breeders, the adoption procedure is similar to a rescue or shelter. They must interview the person to see if their puppies will be right for the new home. The breeder may want to visit the person’s home for verification in some cases. Questions about potential dog owners are meant to protect the canines from improper placement.


Dog Adoption and Checkout

When a dog is chosen, a few days or weeks must pass until they can venture home. If a puppy isn’t weaned, the new owners must wait until the dog is mature enough to be adopted. Dogs at a facility often need final shots and possibly spay or neuter procedures. Once all the particulars are completed, the dog can go home.

From dog kennels to private breeders, several adoption options are open to dog-loving people in New Braunfels. Whether the pet is small or large, dog adoption is a priceless gift for the entire family.


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