Why Dog Adoption Is Not a Popular Event

Adding a new pet to the family is typically a happy occasion. Furry friends around the home bring smiles to your faces with their unconditional love. However, you may look to sellers who have certain breeds for high prices that you don’t want to pay. Families should look for alternative facilities for their adopting needs, including rescue establishments. Dog adoption isn’t a popular event, but you can save a life with a rescue facility.


Abandoned Pets

Dog adoption processes aren’t popular because the story behind an animal’s journey can be heartbreaking. Some animals discovered around the San Antonio area are outright abandoned. Families drop off senior dogs or puppies along roads and vacant lots because they just don’t care about them anymore. These animals are domesticated, and they’re not meant to be sent into the wild. You may fall in love with a rescued animal that was abandoned only a few weeks ago. Look past the heartache so that the animal can enjoy life with a loving family.

Abused Animals

For pet lovers, it’s difficult to imagine anyone willfully hurting an animal. As any dog trainer will tell you, there are people who have no conscience about abusing a dog. An adoption event often includes these animals because they’re in need of a home after being pulled from neglectful situations. You won’t see obvious signs of abuse because professionals typically nurse these animals back to health before they’re offered to the general public. If you notice a shy or skittish dog during an event, be kind and gentle toward it so that it warms up to you.

Populations Continue to Grow

Adoption events lose their popularity over time because they’re always being held by the animal shelters or a local dog trainer. It seems like there’s a constant supply of dogs and cats that need good homes. Although public-service announcements are always advocating for spaying and neutering pets, these animals are still growing in record numbers. There are just too many animals with few homes to live in. When you attend an adoption event, it’s sad to think that these animals may be saved while others are put down because they’re too great in numbers.

Dog Adoption Solutions

Local companies and individuals typically advertise for adoptions nearly every month. Look for the term “rescue” so that you’re actively helping the growing animal population. Most of these events come with some added perks. The animal is typically already spayed or neutered, vaccines are up to date and the pets are just waiting for a loving home. Pick an animal that responds to your presence. Ask about particular needs, such as a large yard or special diet, which prepares you for a healthy transition into the family. With just a small fee, a rescue adoption can be completed in a very short amount of time.

Rescuing Pets From Qualified Trainers

A dog trainer may also house rescue animals, such as Lara’s Canine Solutions. The benefit of this adoption choice is the extra perks bestowed upon the rescue. Along with being vaccinated and fixed, dogs at a trainer’s facility may also have some obedience lessons. Your new pal may be ready to sit, heel and stay at your command. Trainers require a small adoption fee to cover these lesson and housing costs but it is worth every penny.

Loving trainers, such as the dedicated folks at Lara’s Canine Solutions, offer animals for adoption at reasonable prices. If you’re looking for a dog adoption in the San Antonio area, this facility can guide you to the right pet for your household. That new, family member gives everyone a chance to feel loved as the pet greets you with a lick or bark each morning.

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