Dog Adoption and Saving Man’s Best Friend

dog adoption, dog boardingThousands of dogs go without a home every night. You might catch a glimpse of a puppy or senior dog walking the streets in search of food, and then they just disappear into the night. Heartbreaking stories surrounding these adorable animals may tempt you to adopt one. Consider a rescue facility when you’re ready for a new friend. At these caring locations, dog adoption is possible as you save man’s best friend.

The Puppy-Mill Dilemma

The dog adoption process has become big business for some facilities. So-called “puppy mills” take in purebred dogs and breed them as quickly as possible. The results are countless puppies in poor, living conditions. Both mothers and fathers are often abused or mistreated as their genetic line is the only value in the eyes of the handlers.

Be careful about any adoption or dog boarding service offered by these facilities. You want a loving and safe environment for your future, best friend. San Antonio has several rescue centers to choose from as you make your rounds to various locations. Review each facility so that you know the owners and caretakers love those animals as much as you do.

To the Rescue

Ideally, look for a facility that largely rescues animals or offers dog boarding. There might be some breeding activities, but rescues should be the top priority. The animal population continues to grow larger by the day. There are so many dogs that are ready for adoption, but there’s a shortage on loving homes.

Rescued animals are just as valuable and loving as purebred types. You’ll find a mixture of different colors on their coats along with distinct personalities that are unlike any other pup. Rescued animals are normally affordable for every family, which makes an adoption possible in any economic situation. You must simply have the love in your heart to care for these amazing animals.

Care and Training Includeddog adoption, dog boarding

When you adopt a pet from a reputable rescue and dog boarding facility, these animals have been treated with as much love as possible. You’ll find handlers lavishing attention on the dogs as they learn good behaviors. Don’t expect to see any negative reinforcement because dogs normally respond to positive words or treats. A quality facility will have happy dogs even if the majority of them went through a traumatic experience to get into the rescue facility.

The best handlers insist on training the rescues as a courtesy to their clients. Your newfound friend might know simple commands so that you can keep him or her in control as the pup transitions into your home. Housebreaking the pet may also be part of the service.

Finding Your True Love With Dog Adoption

When a dog is ready for adoption, the handlers will advertise for its release into the public. You might keep your eye out for a particular breed or age. It’s not necessary to always adopt dogs at a young age, however. Consider a teenage or senior dog for your household. Their calm nature may be better suited for the household compared to a scampering puppy. You’re welcome to sit with the dogs at the facility in order to pick the best one for you.

At Lara’s Canine Solutions, a dog adoption is possible with many animals to choose from. The city of San Antonio may be big, but there are caring people who take in these forgotten animals at Lara’s Canine Solutions. Each animal has a special personality that sparkles as you walk in the room. Open your home to a pet that can only improve your life with unconditional love, smiles, and laughter each day.

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