Dog Boarding Amenities Sought by All.

Dog Boarding Amenities Sought by All.

Being a pet parent means caring for that animal with just as much dedication as a child. Owners can’t always be with their pets, but dog boarding should be a common choice when travel beckons. There are several common amenities owners seek out when selecting the perfect boarding facility. Each dog has a unique personality that must be nurtured whether the owner is gone for one night or an entire week.


On-Site Veterinary Care

A health emergency can erupt at nearly any time, including a boarding period. Owners want the assurance that veterinary care is on-hand at all times. Although not all employees must be health providers, at least one licensed veterinarian professional should be available during working hours. If a dog has a medical emergency, it’s quickly assessed and solved before any serious issues occur.


One-on-One Playtime

Whether a dog adoption is brand new or occurred several years ago, owners still have the same concerns for their pet throughout their lifetime. Personalized playtime is one of the top requests at any boarding facility. Although dogs usually play with each other, a ball being thrown by a staff member is equally as rewarding. At least one hour of dedicated personal time with a dog is usually requested of facilities by concerned dog owners. They want their dog to feel special every moment of the boarding stay.


Dog Boarding Cleanliness

Although it’s more of a necessity than an amenity, dog boarding cleanliness is normally the top requirement for any facility. Floors shouldn’t just be swept and mopped, but must be seamless and continuing up sidewalls for sanitary conditions. Areas can be cleaned with disinfectant and readied for visitors with little time lost at the facility. Cleanliness allows all dogs to have a safe environment with little chance of disease spread.


Flexible and Stress-Free Environment

After a new dog adoption, pet owners want their animals to feel as relaxed as possible in any environment. A boarding facility should have both indoor and outdoor spaces for fun and games. There might even be music playing for relaxation.

A dog adoption can occur in nearly any town, including New Braunfels, but the right boarding facility could be difficult to find. Research several facilities before stepping through the door for a tour. Dogs must be comfortable with their surroundings to be happy without the owner temporarily. Dog boarding can be a positive experience with strategic amenities in place.


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