Dog Boarding: In-Home vs. Kennels.

Dog Boarding: In-Home vs. Kennels.

Dog enthusiasts treat their pets like one of the family, often putting off vacations because of concerns over care and stress. Dog kennels are a traditional choice for owners, allowing them to safely rent a space at a qualified facility for basic care. There are alternative options, however, using in-home dog boarding. As with any dog-sitting facility, there are both pros and cons to either in-home or kennel stays based on your dog’s specific needs.


Home-Like Dog Boarding

In-home boarding is similar to a sleepover. Dogs stay with a trusted and qualified dog-sitter. The visiting dog becomes one of the family with access to the ample interior and yard areas. This boarding choice mirrors real life as the dog is fed and treated almost the same as when in the normal home. Owner stress levels are often much lower with this care type.


Professional Vet Care

Dog kennels are a better choice for canines with certain special needs. Ailments with particular medication dosages, such as diabetes, are best treated in dog kennels to ensure optimal health. Professional veterinarians are typically staffed at these facilities to bolster care quality. If there’s a medical issue, it’s treated immediately with a strong education behind the medical decisions.


A Temporary Best Friend

One of the major concerns about kennels versus in-home dog boarding is individual attention. It’s nearly impossible to have a one-on-one relationship with a canine in a kennel situation. In-home options give pet owners the assurance their pet is loved and nurtured individually. The sitter may take the dog to a park or on a car ride. Retaining a similar routine to normal life helps the dog remain calm while the owners are away.


Controlled Environment

Pet sitters may have loving hearts, but their personal dogs could have ailments affecting visiting dogs. Kennels, in contrast, ask for current vaccinations from all boarders. There may be a higher chance of catching a disease at an in-home facility compared to a stricter kennel setting, for example. It’s up to the pet owner to qualify all in-home boarding options if they want to pursue that route.

The final dog boarding selection simply needs to please both the owner and pet. Weighing all the options allows people to find the right solution while on vacation. Whether pet owners live in New Braunfels or a surrounding neighborhood, professional dog sitters are always available in nearly any facility type.


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