Dog boarding vs. pet sitting: Which is the best option?


Dog boarding vs. pet sitting: Which is the best option?

A pet owner may be planning a vacation that doesn’t include a beloved dog. As a result, the owner must make a decision between pet sitting or dog boarding before they leave on vacation. This decision is difficult because the dog is usually part of a family unit. Families only want the best situation for their canine. In general, boarding a family dog is the best option when the owners won’t be home for an extended time period.

Dog Boarding Means Playtime All Day Long

When a pet owner chooses dog boarding, the entire time feels like a vacation for the animal. Playtime can actually be for most of the day. A dog trainer might work with the pet, which normally includes a healthy dose of running, rewards and overall fun. Pet sitters can’t always play with the animal as they care for them because other responsibilities are usually involved. From the pet’s perspective, all-day stimulation from a boarding situation is ideal.

Nighttime Supervision

Dogs can be just as sensitive about the nighttime’s darkness as humans are at times. They might act scared, whimper or bark as a result of their stress. Pet sitters don’t normally stay with the dog overnight, which leads to an extended stressful period. Boarding facilities, in contrast, have at least one dog trainer on site so that any issues are quickly resolved. The pet may simply need a reassuring touch and a blanket. These simple luxuries are available with boarding facilities.

Medical Issues Addressed

Some dogs have medical issues that include daily medication needs. A pet sitter may not be familiar with these drugs, however. When pets stay at a facility with a dog trainer, the personnel are trained in every aspect of care. The dog receives its medication at the right time with proper dosing. Inaccurate dosing with a pet sitter could lead to more medical problems in the future.

Ideally, pick a dog boarding facility in San Antonio well before a long vacation and try it out over one weekend. If the pet loves the experience, the owner has an instant home for the dog as the real vacation approaches. A tough time at the facility might mean that another one needs to be tried. After locating the perfect boarding location, the pet is set for any future vacations as they frolic on their own personalized outing.

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