Dog Boarding Tips: Feeding Your Dog a Raw Diet

Dog Boarding Tips: Feeding Your Dog a Raw Diet

Owning a dog is a big responsibility. You’re faced with all kinds of decisions regarding things like crate training, dog boarding, and walking schedules. However, the most important decision you will make is what you feed your dog. It might seem simple enough, but walk into any pet food store and you’ll be overwhelmed by all the choices available.  How do you decide which is the healthiest for your pet?

What Would a Breeder Feed Their Dogs?

The best advice you would get from Lara’s Canine Solutions in New Braunfels is, feed your dog as though you’re feeding yourself. Meaning that you should feed your pet a high-quality diet. Sure, you could live off fast food and pre-packaged meals, but then all you’d be left with is a host of health issues. However, if you feed yourself a diet high in nutrition, you’ll be in overall better health and have an increased quality of life. The same applies to your dog. If you want to ensure a healthy dog, a raw food diet certainly fits the bill. Here are some tips to help you make the transition.

 How To Get Started

When you’ve made the decision to feed your dog a raw diet, sometimes it’s easiest to start with pre-packaged products to make things as easy as possible. Many pet retailers in New Braunfels sell these products, and they can make it easy for you to try different foods and combinations as if you were doing your own personal food prep for the week. No matter what specific food you go with, you may have to make it appealing for your dog to eat it. One suggestion is to roll the mixture up into meatballs.  Dog’s love meatballs and rolling up meatballs is not difficult or time-consuming.

Variety Can Be the Spice of Your Dog’s Life

Try giving your dog a wide array of meat varieties. That way, you can shop for what’s on sale at the supermarket instead of being stuck with only one kind that your dog will eat. This will save you money, and your dog might even enjoy the rainbow of flavors. Raw food doesn’t have to come from the grocery store, either. You can take the leftover parts from a hunting kill, for example.

Go In-Season

The best things, other than health, about a raw diet, is that it can be easily integrated into your regular grocery shopping. In fact, for some aspects of the diet, you don’t even have to buy any separate products. If you go with seasonal fruits and veggies, you can just buy a little bit extra to be fed to your dog, or even just save the leftovers. This can make it as simple as possible and again prevent you from making any extra effort.

When Dog Boarding

It’s tough leaving your dog when you go away on a trip. It can be more difficult when you’ve made the choice to feed your dog a raw food diet. Lara’s Canine Solutions provides dog boarding and offers raw food feeding options. So even while you’re away, your pet gets the food it needs. You don’t want your dog’s health to suffer just because you’ve had to go out of town.


Whether your dog is a rescue or a full-blooded animal from a  breeding specialist, your dog is descended from wild animals. In the wild, dog-like animals, such as wolves would hunt for food and dine on whatever they caught that day. Your dog doesn’t have to hunt for its food, but the bones, meat, veggies, and fruits will help simulate that diet. Not only in the type of food, but also in the variety. Dogs have not always eaten the exact same food in the exact same portions every day. There’s no reason your dog should either.

A raw food diet for your pet is one of the best decisions you and your family can make. The benefits range from a healthier coat and skin, less tartar build-up and increased stamina.  They also include a stronger immune system, improved digestion, and healthier bones and joints.  The truth is that time with this family member is limited.  Do everything you can to help him live the longest, healthiest life possible.  With the above tips, you’ll be well on your way to making that a reality. And when it comes to dog boarding we’ve got you covered. We fully support a raw diet and will feed your dog a high-quality diet for just $5 a day in addition to the dog boarding prices.. If you’re in New Braunfels and would like to talk German Shepherd breeding or raw diet. stop in.

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