Dog Boarding Tips to Prep Your Pooch For Their Kennel Stay

dog boarding

Putting your dog in a kennel while you go away can be very stressful for both you and your dog. That’s why for the sake of both of you, you need to make sure that you are as prepared as possible before dropping your pooch off at the dog kennels. Dog boarding can be a fun adventure if you have chosen the right place and do what needs to be done ahead of time. Here are some tips to make life a little less stressful when you have to kennel your pup.

Fill Out the Paperwork Ahead of Time

The simple act of dropping off a pup is nerve-wracking. Your dog is anxious, you are anxious, and it’s often best to leave quickly to avoid any unnecessary drama. That’s why filling out paperwork ahead of time is so important. Make sure that it is all ready to go, so you can drop it off with your dog. Make sure to include medications, veterinarian contact info, and emergency contact, and anything else that the dog kennels might want to know. Then you can make the drop-off that much easier on everyone. 

Get Your Dog Up to Date on Vaccinations Before Dog Boarding

Just like with people, when many dogs are in close quarters, they can get sick. Most dog kennels require guests to have certain vaccinations in order to be able to stay. Check with your dog boarding facility for what is needed, and make sure that your pooch has all of the necessary shots before bringing them over. Not only do you want to prevent illness, but if your dog doesn’t have all of the required shots, then they could be sent home, meaning that you will be stuck with pet care for your trip. 

Give the Kennel as Much Information As Possible

You don’t want to spend your trip wondering if you remembered to tell the kennel about certain needs your dog has. Along with filling out paperwork, make sure that you gather all of the information you need to impart to the borders ahead of time. Start the list several days in advance, and add to it as you think of something. That way, the kennel will have a comprehensive list of needs from which they can work. Your dog will get the best possible care, that’s personalized as well. 

Bring Your Dog for a Visit

You should never board your dog without visiting the facility first. You can make sure that it is clean and well-run, and have all of your questions answered. However, many people don’t think to bring their dog to the dog boarding facility as well That way, the pooch can experience the sights, sounds, and most importantly, smells of the dog kennels. They can also meet the staff and get to know them. That will make that drop off that much easier on your pooch if they are going to a place that is recognizable and with which they have not had any bad experiences. 


It can be heartbreaking to drop your dog off for their first dog boarding experience. You want them to be safe, comfortable and happy, and you may not have ever been apart from your dog for an extended period before. If you are in the New Braunfels and San Antonio area, contact Lara’s Canine Solutions for the absolute best in dog boarding services that your pooch will love. 


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