Dog Breeders and Puppy Mills: They Are Not the Same!

Dog Breeders and Puppy Mills: They Are Not the Same!

The term “puppy mill” might as well be a dirty word. They are found in New Braunfels, San Antonio, and many other locations in the US. The truth is animal lovers should avoid supporting them at all cost. Every day, people interested in adopting a puppy are taken in by puppy mills. They believe they are purchasing pets from reputable dog breeders. These places where animals are mistreated and abused for profit continue to thrive. If no one adopted animals from these mills, then they would simply cease to exist. Here are some ways that you can tell if you are dealing with a puppy mill or a reputable breeder who has only the animal’s welfare in mind.

What Is a Puppy Mill, Exactly?

A puppy mill’s sole purpose is to exploit dogs to make a profit. Because they are only concerned about the bottom line, puppy mills will keep the animals in deplorable conditions to save costs. That means they spend all their time in cages, they are fed substandard food, and they have no quality of life. Puppy mills will often have too many dogs to properly care for, so the animals are neglected. These mills previously sold their pups to pet stores, but pet stores have largely stopped buying them. Nowadays, these mills advertise mainly online, in classified ads or can be found at local flea markets. Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell the difference if you’re dealing with a puppy mill or caring dog breeders.

Meeting Halfway

There are no reasons why legitimate dog breeders would not allow you to visit the location where a puppy was born. Often, if you contact a puppy mill through email, they will suggest a meeting spot as opposed to having you visit them. This should be a huge red flag. They don’t want you to visit because you will see that the living conditions are terrible.

Various Breeds Compared to Specialty Breeding

Puppy mills will often have many breeds available and will breed them without regard for any genetic problems that might arise. They will not ask questions about where the dog is going or how they will be treated, nor do they truly care about what your intentions are for the breed.
A reputable breeder typically specializes in certain breeds of dogs such as German Shepherd breeding and will always be concerned with the welfare of the dogs they adopt out.


Early Adoption

Reputable breeders will wait until a puppy is ready to be weaned from their mother before adopting them out. This is usually between eight to twelve weeks. This time is required for the puppy to learn about socialization and behavior from its parents and family. Puppy mills want to move animals through as quickly as possible and will sell them before they are ready, so they can make money from the offspring.

They Won’t Meet in Person

Some of these non-reputable places won’t even go as far as to meet halfway. They are often from places outside cities such as San Antonio or New Braunfels and insist on shipping the dog. A business specializing in high-quality breeds, such as German Shepherd breeding will always offer an in-person meeting, so you can see the quality of the breeds of the parents.

How to Spot Reputable Dog Breeders

To spot legitimate dog breeders, check for certain behaviors. They will answer any questions you may have about the dog, and provide you with documentation such as AKC registry of the parents and a full vaccine and health history. They will not have many breeds available, and they won’t have puppies available all year round. Their concern isn’t necessarily with making money. Their concern is with the welfare of the animals and finding them good homes.

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