Dog Breeding: How to Find a Reputable Breeder

Rescuing an adult dog is a wonderful way to save a life and enrich your own. However, choosing to adopt a dog from reputable dog breeders allow you to find exactly what you and your family want and need in a new dog. Every breed has different traits, looks, and skills that centuries of dog breeding has solidified. However, you do not want to choose a breeder that engages in unethical or even illegal practices. Here is a guide to being able to spot a reputable dog breeder.

Where to Look

One of the best places to look for dog breeders is at dog shows. There will be many breeds on display, and you can see and even meet some of the dogs. If you see a dog breed that you like, then you can then start looking for a breeder that breeds those dogs. You can see dogs who can play games, catch balls, or perform agility drills. Whatever you are looking for, you can find at a show. At Lara’s Canine Solutions in New Braunfels, we love our German Shepherds, for instance.

Dog Breeding Websites

Once you’ve figured out what kind of dog you want and have looked up dog breeders nearby, you can start to research them. This includes checking out their websites. Always check and see how active they are, first of all. You should see photos and videos of the dogs they work with. The best ones will have training tips, adoption tips, and a lot of information to help dog owners of all kinds.

Talking to a Potential Breeder

After you have narrowed down your choices, you will then want to contact them. Drop them an email and introduce yourself. Let them know a little bit about yourself, and outline what kind of experience you have with dogs. Make sure to mention if you have other dogs or children, and what kind of property you have. As you communicate back and forth, you can ask them about their dog breeding philosophies, and get an idea as to whether they raise their animals ethically. They should be very open about their breeding and training techniques.

The Most Important Factor for Spotting Reputable Dog Breeding

Reputable dog breeders love dogs. That is most likely why they got into the business in the first place. In fact, they may not even consider it a business since it is something they love. A good dog breeder will not want to rush a puppy out the door. They will want the puppy to spend time with its littermates and parents to learn valuable social skills and to make sure they are healthy. Not only that but once the puppy has gone to its new home, they will want to updates on their health and well-being. They should also be available for advice on everything from health to training. Reputable dog breeders truly care about the animals they breed and want to see them happy and healthy in a loving home.


Dog breeding is hard work. But it is really a labor of love for good dog breeders. They will take the time to understand all of the personality characteristics of their litters. That way, they can gauge the needs of your home and family to match you with the right dog from that litter. For instance, they would not suggest you adopt a dog that does not do well with children if you have a big family. The bottom line is that reputable breeders such as Lara’s Canine Solutions will always put the needs of the dogs first.

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