Dog Boarding Kennels In New Braunfels

Dog Kennels Are A Great Option

Dog Kennels in New Braunfels

Many times people may need to go away for business or pleasure and not be able to take their dog with them. It’s important to find good quality dog kennels in New Braunfels. Knowing what to look for in dog kennels will help a person pick out a great kennel for their dog.

Good quality kennels in New Braunfels will provide supervision and attention to dogs. The kennel will provide a safe and secure environment for dogs. The staff at a quality dog kennel will be trained to monitor the dog each day. They will make sure the dog is eating well and check to make sure the dog is not developing any health problems.

To find good quality dog kennels in New Braunfels, ask neighbors, veterinarians or friends for recommendations. The Yellow Pages also has listings for dog kennels and pet boarding facilities. The local kennel club may also be able to offer suggestions for local dog boarding kennels.

What To Look For In Dog Kennels

Once a list of kennels has been made, make appointments to visit all the kennels in person. When visiting the kennels, note if the kennel looks clean and is free from odors. Is the kennel well lit and does it have adequate ventilation. Is the kennel kept at a comfortable temperature for the dogs? Does the staff seem to genuinely care for the dogs? Are the staff members at the kennel knowledgeable about dog care? Ask about the kennel’s vaccination requirement. They should require all dogs to have all necessary vaccinations including kennel cough. Each dog should have its own kennel and should get scheduled exercise time each day that they stay at the kennel. All dogs should have a bed or bench to rest on so they don’t have to lie on a cold concrete floor. Ensure that the staff at the kennel will feed the dog a special diet or give the pet medication if the dog needs it. Ask what arrangements have been made to provide veterinary services if the dog becomes ill or injured.

Some dog kennels in New Braunfels also may offer additional services such as grooming, bathing or trainings. A kennel’s professional trainer can help with common behavior problems encountered when raising a dog or puppy.

When the perfect kennel is selected, the dog’s owner should feel confident leaving the dog in the care of the kennel and its staff. To make the dog more comfortable at the kennel, the owner may want to bring the dog’s own food and treats. Leave a favorite toy, bone or blanket for the dog. Leave emergency numbers with the kennel in case of emergency.

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