What to Consider When Looking into Dog Kennels

What to Consider When Looking into Dog Kennels

Finding the right dog kennel for you pup can be difficult. There are so many options out there and you need to be sure your pet will remain happy and healthy while away from home. Some dog kennels also offer dog adoption of new puppies that are bred at the facility and cared for until they are ready to go to a new loving family.  Whether you are going on a trip and need to house your four legged family member or  you are looking for a new family member to adopt, this information is meant to help you narrow down your options


Cleanliness of the Dog Kennels

There are a lot of animals that pass through the doors of dog kennels. It’s important that you take a tour of the facility before sending your pet there while you are away.  If dog adoption is your intention then you would want to see the facility that your new pet began its life.  In either case you will want to make sure the kennel is clean and well maintained so when you pet comes home it is healthy and happy.


You should always check with the dog kennels beforehand to see about any vaccines or immunizations they require for boarding or provide to new litters before dog adoption. Most often dogs should have received vaccinations that are recommended by the American Kennel Club based on the age of the dog.   If you’re looking into boarding regardless of the situation, if they don’t require immunizations, then that may be a red flag that your dog may not be safe.


As we all know, pooches need love, attention and exercise! Does the kennel offer exercise times during the day, or playtime where they can interact with other animals? Dogs should not be going an extended period without exercise, so choose a kennel that offers dog runs for exercise and playtime to keep them energized and social while you’re away.

Special Instructions

There may be times when you have to leave your dog during a time when he’s on medication, or has certain special needs that must be met. This could also be necessary for any of the puppies from a new litter.  The boarding facility you choose should have these services available, and have staff who are trained on whatever those needs may be or have regular visits from a veterinarian if the need arises.

Should Your Pet Go To A Kennel?

Separation from an owner can be traumatic to some pets, especially if they are in an unfamiliar environment with other animals they don’t know. If you’re in the New Braunfels area, set up a visit to bring your pet in to see how they feel about the kennel. This could take a few visits until the animal feels comfortable with its new surroundings. Before you know it, your pet will join in on the fun and daily activities.


Whether you are a current pet owner who is need of kennel care while you are away or you are considering adoption of a new puppy you should feel at ease about the decision you have made for your family pet.

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