Dog Obedience Classes: 3 Reasons to Enroll Your Pet

Dog Obedience Classes: 3 Reasons to Enroll Your Pet

You’ve just brought a new puppy home to your family. Everyone is captivated by this furry friend, especially because he or she is so small right now. The thought of training the pet hasn’t even crossed your mind yet, but it should be a top priority. In fact, dog obedience classes must be part of your puppy plans because they’re critically important throughout life. Explore the three reasons why you need to enroll your pet today.

Easier Medical Appointments

Dog training gives you a way to communicate with your pet. The pooch might sit, stay or heel as they learn all of the standard commands. Use these tools as a way to keep the animal healthy. When you visit your San Antonio veterinarian, your pet will be understandably scared. Curling up into a ball, pulling on the leash and other behaviors might be the norm with untrained pets. Because the dog is uncomfortable, the entire medical visit is difficult for the entire family.

Dog obedience classes give you the power to command the dog even if an unusual situation occurs. Your dog can lay down, which allows the veterinarian to fully examine any issues on the fur or skin. Dental evaluations are much easier too. The dog will open its mouth so that the doctor can verify if any teeth need cleaning. Without proper training, the dog could hinder a medical exam and compromise his or her health.

Household and Neighborhood Safety through Dog Obedience Classes

As docile as your pooch might be, dogs are still animals with primal instincts. Some environmental cues can trigger aggression, fear or other emotions. By enrolling your pet in a dog training course, you’re able to control the pooch with commands. With one word, you stop any misbehavior in its tracks. Dogs who growl at people on the street while you’re walking them might be construed as a threat. Training classes teach the dog that growling isn’t necessary unless a real, threatening situation arises.

Safety with your furry friend also extends to the San Antonio household too. Although your pet is merely defending the home, there’s no need to growl at every visitor walking in the door. Training teaches dogs that household aggression isn’t rewarded, but monitoring the property is approved. Your family and pet will be happier with this communication pathway and bond compared to no training whatsoever.

Mental Stimulation for Everyone

Dog training classes are important for a pet’s psyche as well. Because the classes create a communication pathway, they feel connected to their owners. They’ll know exactly when you’re happy or disapproving of a particular behavior. Dogs want a job to do in their lives so training gives them a chance to show off their skills. Positive reinforcement appeases the dog as the hours are filled with good behavior.

You’ll notice that the pet doesn’t have the tendencies to misbehave, such as chewing on furniture or digging up the backyard. A stimulated mind equates to good behaviors as long as you back up the activities with praise and intermittent treats. Continue with advanced training after the basic classes so that the pooch is stimulated even further. These skills stay with them for a entire lifetime.

A subtle yet important reason to enroll in dog obedience classes is personality development. Your dog has a distinct personality that might be a bit shy. Bring their personality to life by using dog training as a tool. When you properly communicate with the pooch, your pet feels satisfied with the connection. This forged bond will last the pet’s entire lifetime as you enjoy the protection and company.

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