Dog Obedience Skills: What’s So Important About Sitting and Staying?

Dog Obedience Skills: What’s So Important About Sitting and Staying?

Dogs in the San Antonio area are quite numerous because of the families who reside in the area. Some of these animals are trained. Others remain a bit on the wild side with little to no training. You might wonder why dog obedience is so important to both pets and humans. In fact, the training goes above and beyond the basics of just sitting and staying.

Happier Household

Dog training isn’t designed to be a sole, control mechanism. It may appear to be so, however. In reality, a trained pet contributes to a happy household. The pet understands its boundaries. Tearing up the living space, roughhousing and general misbehavior doesn’t occur because the training gives the pup a different view of the world.

Because you have a well-behaved pet, the family gives the dog positive reinforcement. There’s no shouting going on in the home because the dog behaves whether everyone is at work or school or everyone is home on the weekend. This positivity goes both ways between the pet and owners.

Calm Vet Appointments

Dog obedience skills keep the pet safe. An untrained pet that misbehaves at the veterinarian may not have every issue examined or even may hurt themselves. The vet simply can’t evaluate the animal because of too much movement or aggression.

With a trained pet, the owner commands the dog to sit and remain in place for the evaluation. There’s less stress for both the vet and pet, which leads to better overall care. Serious ailments can be overlooked when dog training isn’t part of the pet’s world.

Real Alarm Value

You’ve probably heard several dogs in your neighborhood that constantly bark. It becomes a droning sound in the background of your day and night. If there were ever a serious matter occurring in these households, no one would pay attention.

Dog training contributes to a real alarm for the household. Your friends and family may be aware of the dog’s good behavior. If it starts to bark out of control in the middle of the night, a quick response by loved ones is practically guaranteed. The dog doesn’t bark for no reason, which can save a family from illness, injury or other dangers.

Help the Neighborhood

The odds of your dog escaping the yard are pretty good at some point. Forgetting to lock the gate or leaving it open entirely are possibilities with multiple people living in the home. A well-trained pup that ends up in the neighborhood will not be a threat. It will know not to bite or hurt anyone.

Untrained dogs might be spooked when they’re lost in the neighborhood. They may be docile at home, but stress and fright turn a good dog into an aggressive type. Help the neighborhood by training your pup. Everyone, including the dog, will be better off this way.

Seek Out Dog Obedience Professionals

You want solid training for your pet, but finding the right professional could be tough. Look for dog experts who work on several levels with animals. They might breed dogs while taking in rescues. These professionals have experience with untrained and purebred dogs, which gives them a greater range of abilities.

Ideally, work with professionals who offer regular classes. Shoring up a dog’s skills is necessary. The dog may forget the commands if they aren’t part of the pup’s daily life.

Lara’s Canine Solutions is a facility that specializes in dog obedience for every San Antonio pet owner. Whether you have a German shepherd or another breed, every dog can learn a few skills to make their lives better. A well-trained pet can be part of every family outdoor event because good behavior deserves to be rewarded with a trip to the park.  

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