Dog Training Classes To Get Dogs Under Control

Dog Training Classes New Braunfels

Dog Training Classes New Braunfels


Dog training classes are one of the most commonly used venues to get unruly dogs under control.  In New Braunfels alone, there are several options for people wanting dog training classes.  There are benefits to going to dog training classes, as well as drawbacks.  Just as in school, in a dog training class, one method is taught to all the caretakers and pets, even though temperaments in the dogs and the skill levels and abilities of the owners may vary wildly.  This means that the methods used in the class will not be as effective for some families as for others.

The “Socialization” Part Of Dog Training Classes

One criticism I have heard frequently from the people in New Braunfels who have attended dog training classes, is that during the “socialization” part of the class, the puppies/dogs have a free for all that ends in bullying or fighting, overwhelming the more timid members, and creating problems that were not there before.  One New Braunfels resident stated that her pup was put in a crate with a smaller pup that proceeded to pester and annoy her bigger breed to no end.  Instead of stepping in and preventing the bullying, the instructor of the dog training class gave them each a treat in this enclosed place.  This provided the incentive for a fight.  She stated that the entire class was horrified, and the instructor had to apologize.  Clearly, common sense was lacking in this case.

Another common complaint is that the pups are so overstimulated by their peers, that they can not give their focus to learning.  The pups wild behavior also distract the owners from learning their part of the work.  Since most people have no idea how to get their pups attention without bribery, the excitement of the environment can be more exciting than the treat.  Learning needs to take place in a quiet environment, increasing reliability AFTER learning is the proper place for distraction.

Individual lessons as opposed to a dog training class, allow the learning to occur with less conflict, more efficiently, and catered to each team’s unique abilities and challenges.  The savings in time and effort is compensation for the extra expense.  If you are attending dog training classes, remember that structure, care, and common sense should be obvious from the beginning in a well run class.

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