Dog Training Methods That Are Most Used Today

If you look around, you will find many dog training ideas, techniques, and theories that are used in New Braunfels and the San Antonio area. As a dog owner, it’s important that you put your dog through obedience training to ensure that your home is a harmonious one. Here are some of the most popular dog training methods that are used today. 


Being Positive

When you think of the words “obedience training,” you might get a sense that it’s about getting your pooch to follow instructions and do what they are told. While this is the end goal, the trick with positive reinforcement training is to get them to want to do what you ask them, and not just obey because you have scared or punished them. The key is to create an association in their brains between something desirable for them and something you want them to do. This means that when a dog does something you want them to do, they are rewarded for it right away. Let’s say you are training your dog to sit on command. You will vocalize and make the motion for your dog to sit, and when he does, give him a treat. As the dog gets more used to performing that action, you can pull back on the treats and only reward intermittently. Eventually, he will just do the action without the reward. 


Clicker training works on the same principles as positive reinforcement, and they can often be combined when going through obedience training. It simply involves using a clicker, or making a sound from your mouth, to signal when the dog completes a wanted behavior. She is then rewarded. The dog then comes to associate the clicking noise with the reward. This solidifies the connection between the completion of the behavior and the reward. 


Electronic Dog Training

Electronic dog training relies on opposite principals to positive reinforcement. It involves discouraging behavior through punishment. In this case, the punishment is a shock from a collar. A shock can be delivered when the dog does something it isn’t supposed to, or if he goes outside of the boundaries of your property. This is a common method for dogs that work out in the open or help with hunting, but it is not common for most house dogs. It is known to create a lot of stress for dogs, so it is generally discouraged as an obedience training method. 


Model Training

Some believe that dogs learn by observing others. By providing a model for them to follow, a dog trainer may be able to find some success. In most cases, this means that the trainer will have a human helper demonstrate the accepted behaviors. Once the human performs these actions, he is rewarded. The dog will then learn what behaviors are being rewarded and try to emulate them so that they can get a treat, too. It also taps into a dog’s natural tendency to be competitive, and they will work harder to achieve success to “win.”


There are several other ways to attempt dog training. The important things to remember are to choose a method that works for you and for your dog, and that is safe for everyone. A great alternative is to let the professionals train your dog. At Lara’s Canine Solutions we have a variety of training options to benefit any type of training your pet may need. We have years of experience and proven success. Give us a call today to discuss your pet’s needs


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