Dog Training Near Me: Finding the Right Trainer for You and Your Pet

Have you found yourself with a dog that is not following your commands or is outright misbehaving? Maybe you saw a cute puppy in an ad for an animal rescue, or you saw that there was a purebred German Shepherd for sale, and you couldn’t resist. At this point, you may be asking yourself, “is there dog training near me?” In New Braunfels or the surrounding area, including San Antonio, San Marcos, and Austin the answer is yes, but you need a trainer that is right for both you and your new dog. Here’s how to make that connection.

The Dog Training Near Me Should Also be the Dog Training “For” Me

You need a trainer that will be able to provide the exact services you need. Not all trainers are created equal, and what style works for one type of dog may not work for another. It would be best if the breeder that had a German Shepherd for sale would also offer training services, since they should be very familiar with the breed. You or your dog may also perform best in a private environment without all of the distractions that can come with a class setting. Make sure you know what you want, and pick a trainer that can provide that to you.

Do Your Own Research About Training Methods

There are many philosophies about dog training, and trainers use a wide range of methods to get the desired results. It’s best to do your own research that goes beyond simply typing “dog training near me” into a search engine. Familiarize yourself with as many methods as possible, and try to determine which might feel comfortable for you, and which your dog will most likely be more responsive to. You will need a balance, because if you are not comfortable, the dog won’t learn, and vice versa.

Talk to the Trainer

It is always important to have a good rapport with your dog trainers. That means meeting them ahead of time to chat with them and see how their people skills stack up. If you don’t mesh with your trainer, then you may be more likely to tune them out or not respect their advice and opinions. You also want a trainer that shows how much they love dogs. A trainer that does not love dogs will not love their work, and it will show in their interactions with both you and your new pooch. Some trainers will even allow you to sit-in and watch a class or two to get a feel for how they conduct their training. Take advantage of this opportunity to truly get a feel for what it will be like to work with them.

Check on the Trainer’s Experience

The number of years in business doesn’t necessarily determine how good someone is at their job, but it is something you should definitely consider. More experienced trainers will have come across a broader range of behavioral issues and most likely dealt with how to handle all of them. Newer trainers might be more appropriate for basic classes, but experience can be invaluable when there are bigger issues to contend with.

So, to answer the question of “is there dog training near me?” There absolutely is, but you don’t have to go with just anyone. Call Lara’s Canine solutions today for the best trainers and the best advice for your dog. They may even have a German Shepherd for sale.


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