Dog Training New Braunfels

Dog Training in New Braunfels Can Help Relationships Develop Between A Canine And Owner


Dog Training New Braunfels


I have been blessed to offer dog training here in New Braunfels, TX for the last thirteen years.  It has been wonderful to help the residents of New Braunfels develop their relationships with their canine friends and watch them grow and deepen over time.

First time clients will sometimes express that they don’t want their dog to be TOO well-trained.  A nice way to say that they want their dog to keep their natural exuberance, and protect the dog’s spirit.  These people see dog training as CONTROL over the dog, instead of realizing it is developing winning behaviors and relationship.  Proper dog training is all about communication between the dog and the owner.  Unfortunately, dogs don’t speak English, and most people don’t interpret their dog’s language (which is physical) very accurately.  Dog training should enhance respect, and prevent miscommunications that can result in stress for the family and their pet.

Dog Training Helps Dogs Be More Involved In Their Human Lives

Dogs that know what their place in the family is, and what their responsibilities are, can relax and grow in confidence knowing that they are fully capable of pleasing their family.  As a result of dog training, the dogs can be given more freedom and be included in their humans’ lives more often.  Being part of the pack is one of a dog’s most basic needs and desires.  One New Braunfels resident expressed that after her dog attended dog training, the dog went from being a backyard dog, excluded from family and home due to her wild manners, to a dog that she enjoyed taking to work with her each day and also allowed to join their family vacations.  What a lucky dog to have a human who cared enough to create a common language.

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