Don’t Hold Back Your Dog Trainer.

Don’t Hold Back Your Dog Trainer.

Coming home with a brand new puppy is a milestone in many families. German shepherd puppies, for instance, are balls of energy when they get the hang of their large paws. Whether a family has a large or small yard in San Antonio, locating and hiring a qualified dog trainer is crucial. When a family finds a professional for their pet, it’s best to give the two space for proper training techniques.

They’re Not Too Young

Many families are stunned to hear their new puppy should be trained as early as 2 to 3 months of age. However, this is the perfect time to begin basic training. German shepherd puppies crave attention and activity. They’re even excited about working with people. Combining a desired activity with possible treat rewards makes training an exciting adventure for both human and canine.


Positive Reinforcement Reigns

Years of research have shown animals respond well to positive reinforcement. Training isn’t a depressing or boring activity, but is a game to the animal. A treat or kind word rewards the dog for a job well-done. If an unwanted behavior occurs, a moment of silence and stopped movement is required. The trainer then moves on to another behavior or repeats the sequence. There is no negative treatment involved.


Family Safety

Holding back a dog trainer from their normal routine isn’t a smart choice, especially with puppies that will become large dogs. Training is initially about obedience, such as not pulling on a leash during walks. Starting early and remaining consistent with the training makes the dog feel an automatic need to respond properly to commands. Sporadic training can only confuse the animal and cause strife in the family.


Dog Trainer and Pet Relationship

Don’t worry if a trainer’s routine looks slightly different than one seen on television, for instance. Each trainer and canine has differing personalities. Some dogs respond to one stimulus while others prefer another. The training pace could vary as well. As long as the dog is responding positively to the training, they’ll emerge with strong obedience.

German shepherd puppies and their developing brains are perfect for molding in the first year of life. A strong dog trainer provides the animal with the skills to be obedient and safe around the household while still retaining instincts for family protection. A bond with a dog raised from a puppy is strong with both families and trainers.

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