Essential Dog Training Skills for Achieving Long-Term Success

Essential Dog Training Skills for Achieving Long-Term Success

We all want our dogs to be perfectly trained for all situations. It can seem like a daunting goal, but it is in fact quite attainable. The key to dog training is to remember that you need to be trained yourself to do it properly. We need education on dog behavior so that we know what will work and what won’t. Once we have been trained properly, then we can properly train our dogs. Here are some skills to develop so that your dog behaves in any situation, whether it be playing in a San Antonio park or going through dog boarding.



When you are acting as a dog trainer, make sure to be consistent and to always make sure your dog is following commands. If you let something slide, your dog may think it can get away with other things. Be firm but kind with your pooch. Provide a correction if they do not follow through. The more consistent you are, the faster your dog will understand what you want and get into the behaviors you are seeking.


Do What Fits

A dog training video or a dog trainer may give you a laundry list of skills to teach your dog. However, you do not have to teach your dogs all those skills simply because an expert tells you to. He doesn’t need to know how to push a button with his nose if it is not necessary. However, your dog should be well-behaved in common situations, such as meeting others on walks and going to the vet, for example. The more time you spend on those behaviors and less on the unnecessary ones, the faster he will get where you want him to be.


Plan For Success

You are not going to be able to fully train your dog in just one afternoon or even one day. It can take weeks or even months of dog training to get him fully trained. Set up a calendar and plan some goals. That way you can schedule what skills you are going to work on and plan ahead. If there is a dog boarding situation in your pup’s future, then plan to have her properly trained for integrating with other dogs and strangers. Make goals for certain time periods and do your best to meet or beat those goals.


Dog Training with Patience

Patience is a close relative of consistency. Remember, your dog will not learn it all in a day. While you are training, always keep in mind that it is a process. Do not get mad if your dog is not picking something up. Be patient and be consistent and he will figure it out eventually. Dog training is about teaching your dog and building a lasting bond. Enjoy the process while it is happening, and then enjoy the dog he has become afterward.


After a session with you as the dog trainer, give your pup an easy command to follow. Reward him right away as a signal for a job well done. This will give your pup something to look forward to after every training session. This also gives a nice end to a dog training session, whether it was good or bad. You are telling your dog that you are proud that he tried his hardest. If you live in San Antonio and need help with your training, or even with dog boarding, contact Laura’s Canine Solutions to discuss what we can do for you and your pup.

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