German Shepherd Breeding Facts

German Shepherd Breeding

German Shepherd BreedingGerman Shepherd owners often breed for different characteristics. Some German Shepherd breeding revolves around creating litters having the desired conformation, movement and coat. Others may prefer dogs with agility, athleticism and work capability. Health, intelligence and temperament are additional factors that breeders take into consideration. More times than not, owners choose a combination of genetic factors when breeding. 

Interesting German Shepherd Breeding Facts

Shepherds of German Origin

Generally, all German Shepherds hail from German descent. Some dogs may have a parent recently imported from the country and possess Verein fur Deutsche Schaferhunde registration, also known as SV. Shepherds born in the United States might also have a pedigree that originates in Germany five or six decades ago. The particular lineage only matters when desiring specific traits passed down from one generation to the next.

German Born Shepherds

The SV requires that both a puppy’s parents originated in the country before awarding registration. The organization also prioritizes that breeding dogs possess working stamina. German Shepherd breeding dogs must have the proper physical conformation and demonstrate working ability. German bred dogs infrequently become the property of United States citizens. The high level of energy that these dogs possess commonly makes them a poor choice as a family pet. The possibility of purchasing a dog from its native country often entails a lengthy process that includes having numerous references.

Shepherds with German Lines

American bred German Shepherds may have German lines. The lineage entails having generation after generation of descendants in the country. Owners of these dogs commonly have the animal’s family tree complete with titles. The owners have the knowledge concerning how the lineage contributed to the dog’s traits. A dog having a pedigree from Germany does not guarantee the quality of the shepherd. Titled dogs must have generations of desirable characteristics, which the American breeder carries forward.

American-Bred Shepherds

Quality German Shepherds bred in the U.S. may have any number of desirable traits. Their degree of German lineage may also vary from having SV registration to not having links with Germany for three generations. Not relying on a German pedigree, German Shepherd breeding in the United States typically produces dogs with a wider variation of characteristics not dependent on the demand for physical work performance.

Assuring a quality litter of pups entails using female dogs free from hip dysplasia or other genetic anomalies. Males must also pass AKC health and physical standards. If breeders do not own both parents, breeders generally meet the potential father to determine health, personality and other traits before using the dog for stud purposes.

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