German Shepherd Breeding Standards: Finding the Right Dog.

German Shepherd Breeding Standards: Finding the Right Dog.

German shepherds are one of those classic dog breeds who exemplify intelligence and symmetrical appearances both on and off the professional dog show circuit. Any dog trainer will advise potential owners that this breed needs space and considerable companionship. Regardless of the neighborhood, including San Antonio, deciding if a German shepherd is for a person or family takes extensive thought. 


Fitness Standards

When it comes to German shepherd breeding, one of their main attributes is fitness. A strong dog has a visible muscular build even with a substantial coat. When potential owners observe the dog, they should see a strong gait with a smooth flow to the steps. This fitness comes from having a large area to move around in. A large yard is ideal, but the dog can also thrive well if taken outdoors with the owners nearly every day.


German Shepherd Breeding and Training

Since German shepherds are relatively large, training is necessary to maintain safe control of the animal. A qualified dog trainer, for example, instills certain behaviors in the dog, including sitting, staying and speaking. Positive reinforcement is critical to German shepherd breeding. They associate the reinforcement with the action, allowing them to be trained for a lifetime of obedient service. If a person isn’t familiar with proper training, a dog trainer is a smart choice to help the animal be the perfect pet.


Coat Care

A German shepherd also requires extensive physical grooming. Their coats are long and luxurious, but quickly become matted and tangled with neglect. Consider brushing the coat on a daily basis or hiring a groomer to maintain the care. German shepherd breeding reflects a glowing tradition, but this  breed’s coats must match their training perfection.


Puppies to Adults

When a family is unsure about adopting a German shepherd, they should evaluate the entire household. A toddler or preschooler could be matched well with a puppy, allowing the dog to grow with the child. However, an adult dog may be too overwhelming for small children. Elementary and high school kids mesh well with adult German shepherds, especially at rescue facilities.

From raising an adorable puppy to adopting a full grown adult, German shepherds are companions who will remain loyal for their entire lives. Consider a dog’s potential environment and interaction with others. They must be properly cared for to have a quality life.

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