German Shepherd Breeding

Make German Shepherd Breeding a Success

German Shepherd BreedingIn today’s society, German Shepherd breeding is more common than ever before. With the increase rate of criminal acts, many would find German Shepherd breeding to be an inexpensive way to protect their home and assets. When making the decision to breed German Shepherds, there are a few factors one must consider. It is imperative that the owner of the dog make a complete health examination on their German Shepherd, as well as ensure that the future male shepherd’s lineage is compatible with the female. Becoming more and more knowledgeable on the lineage of one’s dog can guarantee the success of German Shepherd Breeding.

The German Shepherd Breeding Process

Similar to female humans, animals must ovulate in order to conceive an offspring. One way to determine if your female dog is ready for reproduction, also known as “in heat”, is when she begins to release blood from the vaginal area–mostly during urination. When this takes place, it is important that one goes in search of a male dog immediately. The duration of her heat cycle is unknown; it can last between eight to thirty days. Once you have located a male shepherd or a female shepherd for those with males, it is now time to make arrangements with the owner of the dog to start the breeding process.

In some cases, you may encounter the owner to be a professional breeder, and they may have a room set up for that specific event. If that is the case, dropping off your dog to the other parties place of business for a week or longer should be arranged. If he or she is not a professional then the two of you could make arrangements for a specific time. During the German Shepherd breeding process, humans are no longer in control. It is the animal’s instinct to automatically mate when a female dog is in heat. Place the two dogs in a room that doesn’t contain any distractions so they are able to concentrate on one thing, which is reproduction.

Unfortunately, a female dog will reject the male dog for a few minutes–sometimes for a few hours. Every dog has their own personality and reasons for behaving this way but don’t interfere. Breeding may be a tedious task–it depends on the dogs. Be sure to not enter the room but still have the ability to observe them. The female dog may not become pregnant on the first day or even the second day; give the process at least a week or two to ensure the German Shepherd breeding was a success.

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