German Shepherd Puppies in San Antonio

German Shepherd Puppies Start Training 

German Shepherd Puppies in San AntonioIn San Antonio, German Shepherd puppies are in great demand. The German Shepherd puppies that we produce at Lara’s Canine Solutions are given a rare start based on my knowledge as a Canine Behaviorist. I start developing my puppies at four weeks by putting little collars and tabs on them. The little German Shepherds will grab each others’ tabs and pull each other around. The puppies will also step on their own tabs. This develops their tolerance for the leash, so that the little German Shepherd puppies don’t panic when they first experience a leash walk as most puppies will do.

One of my San Antonio clients said that her German Shepherd puppy was the easiest puppy she had ever raised because it had already experienced so many things. My puppies play extensively with my children, who are boys! So running around, wrestling, and loud noises are all just part of a normal day. The little German Shepherd puppies get carried around so much, that they just relax completely.

I teach my German Shepherd puppies to swim at six weeks old. Even though there are not that many places for a dog to swim in San Antonio, there are tons of places in New Braunfels. Teaching a puppy to swim is very easy, and develops their courage and self-confidence. We also have special equipment, at my facility outside of San Antonio, that is designed to stimulate a puppy’s nervous system and acclimatize it to things that can unnerve a dog if not introduced properly. Climbing, the vibrations from metal, instability of a surface, slick floors, and stairs.

The Best Dogs Ever – German Shepherd Puppies

Of course, the German Shepherd puppies have a health guarantee and are crate trained before they ever arrive in their new homes. For nine weeks I get to smell, love, wrestle with, snuggle and stare at the coolest little guys ever, knowing that they will grow into the best dogs ever, outlasting cuteness into being an amazing worker, and companion for their owners. No one in San Antonio has a better job than I do!

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