German Shepherd Puppies in San Antonio

German Shepherd Puppies – There are many diverse types to choose from

German Shepherd Puppies in San AntonioThere are many opportunities to buy German Shepherd puppies in San Antonio.  One might think most German Shepherd puppies are basically the same.  This is a big mistake.  In the German Shepherd world, there are many diverse types of German Shepherd puppies to choose from.  The least healthy (because they are bred for appearance and little else) are the “American” AKC Champions, with the Roman nose and the overangulated back legs, and chests deeper than their elbows. These dogs  are not put together correctly, and have lost their working roots.   Also to be avoided are the White German Shepherd puppies.  The white coat is a recessive gene, which generally means there are other recessive, unwanted genes that are hidden and can cause health and temperament problems.

San Antonio does have German Shepherd puppies that are bred to German Standards.  The parents are Schutzhund titled (which is basically an elaborate temperament test) and the hips and elbows have been  given an OFA or “A” Stamp rating to prove the quality of the joints.  These dogs are generally more healthy, and have better temperament because they are bred for a purpose.  Even in this group, there are divisions.  The “Working” German Shepherd puppies are generally bred to have very high drives.  They are protective, bold, and have high energy.  They can be too much for some families to handle, simply because they have so much potential, and not every family can meet their need for training and stimulation.  Then there are the “Show” German lines that place greater emphasis on structure, movement and color.  These dogs still have strong drive, but tend to be a little softer.  Both of these groups are worlds above what other people are producing.

What do you breed your German Shepherd Puppies for? 

As an educated buyer, the smart San Antonio family will ask the breeder one question first:  What do you breed your German Shepherds for?  The answer will tell you which qualities the breeder encourages in their lines.  I breed my German Shepherds for the “Golden Middle.”  I emphasize the versatility of the German Shepherd.  I have placed puppies in San Antonio families, as service dogs, as herding dogs, and as police/tracking/sport dogs.  The Golden Middle means that I want some of my pups to be very strong, some better as pets, and most of them capable of doing any job that a dog can do while retaining the ability to relax.  I also will not breed any German Shepherd that is not maternal towards children, male or female.  I feel strongly that maternal instincts are linked to an attitude of service to others, and willingness to please.  This makes even my strongest puppies easy to train and be around.

If the breeder doesn’t have an educated answer to that question—you have just saved yourself from a big mistake.  You have choices in San Antonio to support responsible breeders that truly care about the breed.  Despite strong opinions from these diverse groups within the breed, one thing is consistent.  Parents who have been titled shows that the breeder has invested their dogs.  A dog can not work if it isn’t healthy.  Paying more for your puppy, saves you medical expenses later.   Good luck!

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