German Shepherd Puppies-The Must Knows of Development

German Shepherd Puppies-The Must Knows of Development

Well-trained German shepherd puppies grow up and become intelligent animals ready to serve a loving family or even within professional capacities. Matching puppies with a qualified San Antonio dog trainer is key to a solid upbringing. However, it’s also important to understand growth stages in the average German shepherd puppy. Understanding these stages of development helps pet owners choose the right time to introduce training and other beneficial activities.


Training Age and German Shepherd Puppies

One of the major reasons to understand dog growth stages is timing training immersion. An experienced dog trainer will tell owners that 9 weeks is usually the key age to start any light training. Puppies are still rambunctious at that stage, so keep training limited to basic concepts. Trainers will use fun and rewards as the best way to solidify commands. If the dog doesn’t perceive training as fun, they won’t pay attention to it.


Exploration Time Period

Training might be working out perfectly, but suddenly the dog only wants to sniff around the yard. This development stage is a maturity level that occurs around 12 to 16 weeks. Instead of paying attention to people or animals directly around them, German shepherd puppies begin to explore their world. Don’t be aggravated by this distraction because it instills mature behaviors in dogs used throughout their lives.


Mating Maturity Distraction

Pet owners may think their dogs are still babies, but mating maturity actually occurs around 6 months. Both male and female dogs will be distracted at this time, making training a bit more difficult. Trainers and veterinarians can cover proper reproductive care, such as spaying and neutering, to calm the dog down. Unless the canine is to be bred, most dogs should be fixed to reduce mating distractions during training periods.


Adulthood at Two Years Old

The main bulk of training intelligence is solidified by age two. It’s at this age that German shepherds come into adulthood. Although they can learn new skills after this age, training basics are best instilled during the puppy years. Dog trainers can continue work with a dog well into their adult lives.

If any unusual behavior arises with German shepherd puppies, speak to a dog trainer as soon as possible. This strange behavior may actually be normal. Growing up is hard to do, even as a canine. Use animal science and personal experience to raise that perfect dog companion for any family.


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