Going Out Of Town? Dog Boarding Is A Simple Solution

When you are going out of town, your dog still depends on you to provide for his needs. Rather than worrying about how he will fair home alone, you can rely on dog boarding to keep your best friend safe and happy. 

Why Choose Boarding? 

Many people have a stigma against boarding, seeing it as cramped and dismal. Not so! Most boarding facilities today will give your dog plenty of attention and exercise during the day and clean, comfortable cages at night. However, keep in mind that German Shepherd puppies that have not completed their first round of vaccinations should not be boarded. 

Dog boarding is an excellent option when:

  • You cannot bring your dog with you or you know he will not get enough attention on the trip.
  • Travel stresses your dog.
  • You want your dog to have constant company.
  • You have chronic chewers like German Shepherd puppies that need to be kept occupied.
  • Your dog is known to escape your yard.

Preparing Your Dog for Boarding 

This crucial step can be the difference between a dog that has a blast and a dog with separation anxiety. Choose your facility in San Antonio as far in advance as you can, and see if you can arrange a day visit to get your dog used to being there. If you can, make the first dog boarding situation a short one and slowly acclimate him to longer stays. 

When it comes time to drop your dog off, treat it like any other day. Prolonged goodbyes make your dog feel like there is something to be anxious about. Show him otherwise. This is especially important with German Shepard puppies and other young dogs being boarded for the first time. 

Choosing Your Dog Boarding Facility 

Take the time to tour every potential facility and watch the staff interact with the dogs. Cleanliness, comfort and spaciousness are key factors, but also look for a facility that has: 

  • Knowledgeable, caring staff.
  • Outdoor areas that are protected from wet weather.
  • Soft areas to rest in their play space.
  • Adequate amounts of play time in their schedule.
  • Vaccination requirements, especially for Bordetella.
  • The ability and willingness to accommodate special needs, even a fear of thunder.
  • Emergency preparedness plans.

Dog Boarding in San Antonio gives you peace of mind and your dog a fun environment to romp in while you are away. From German Shepherd puppies to elderly rescues, boarding provides a safe home away from home for any dog.

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