Hallmarks of Safe German Shepherd Breeding Practices

Hallmarks of Safe German Shepherd Breeding Practices

When dog lovers are looking for their next great best friend, it seems like everyone has a puppy up for adoption. Sorting through all of the choices can be an overwhelming feat, which leads many people to professional breeders. Most professionals excel at their practice with the dogs remaining as their top priority at all times. In fact, there are certain hallmarks of safe German shepherd breeding practices that should be apparent as adoptees visit a facility.


Healthy Parents

When German shepherd breeding is being performed in top-quality conditions, the adult dogs will be visually healthy. These breeders know the recommended breeding age for German Shepherds and would never put one of their own at risk. Their fur should have a glow with muscles moving easily underneath. German shepherds look alert, ready for action and pleased to see most people at their facility. The adults should have a dog trainer on hand so that their needs are taken care of as the breeding process continues. Dog couples might be seen in certain areas, and these matches should look happy for the most part.

Energy-Filled Puppies

At many breeding facilities, there are a mixture of adult dogs and puppies. They should be separated by litter or family so that every dog has a comfortable time learning life’s ropes. Although puppies sleep a lot, visitors to any breeding facility should also notice a high amount of energy. Puppies will explore their environment and each other. Tumble play and other activities are hallmarks of healthy puppies born out of professional breeding standards. There might be several litters at one facility with various age levels, but there shouldn’t be an overwhelming amount of dogs. Too many puppies suggest excessive breeding patterns.

Visitors Always Welcome

Another hallmark of safe breeding practices is an open atmosphere at the facility. Certain animals, such as expectant moms or newborn puppies, might be off limits to some extents. The majority of the animals, however, should be open for observation by visitors. A resident dog trainer might show off some of the skills acquired by a litter so that visitors can see their progress. A transparent breeding and training cycle allows visitors to see that the animals are treated with the utmost respect while retaining a loving atmosphere.

Prioritized Training after German Shepherd Breeding

Although watching German shepherd puppies frolicking around is heartwarming, a reputable breeding facility takes training very seriously. These animals will be 100 pounds or more in just a few short years. They must be trained so that they’re controlled whether on a leash or not. Staying, heeling and other commands should be started at a young age with positive reinforcement involved along the way. Quality training contributes to a controlled demeanor that’s attractive in German shepherds, especially around large families.

Room to Roam

A breeding facility needs to have a mixture of different areas for playtime and exploration. Puppies should have some grassy areas to play in without too much space to intimidate them. Teenagers and adults, however, require a lot of space to roam, run and socialize. Visitors might see several fenced off areas with various grassy spaces offered to certain dog groups. German shepherds are smart dogs, and they require different environments so that their minds are constantly engaged. The changing scenarios also help them cope with stress as trainers continue to practice those core commands that should last them a lifetime.

A San Antonio dog trainer is always a great resource for potential German shepherd breeder choices. In fact, many of these trainers also breed dogs themselves. Be careful if you adopt a German Shepherd puppy for free.  It is best to work with reputable people in the breeding industry to narrow down those adopting choices. A beautiful and well-trained furry friend will be the result of those efforts.

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