At Home Dog Training Tips

At Home Dog Training Tips

Dogs enjoy the stimulation of exercise, rewards and companionship with their owners. Regardless of the dog’s age, he or she can be trained with the most basic commands. From heeling to dropping, these commands help the dog maneuver through the human world without getting out of control. Because dog owners are ultimately the best trainers for their pets, practicing obedience with these furry friends means using at-home learning strategies. Take a look at these dog training tips so that Fido can be an obedient friend throughout the years.

Maintain Positive Reinforcement

Any dog training needs to include positive reinforcement. This training concept, which is basic training for puppies, tells the dog when he or she is performing well while also indicating a wrong move. When a behavior isn’t completed as requested, the owner should pause in silence for a few seconds. There’s no reward or punishment at this point. The owner quickly starts another training command afterward. When the dog encounters the command that was incorrectly performed again, he or she will know to try a different action. If a reward occurs, the dog learns that that command matches a particular action.

Keep Commands Consistent

Every breed, including German shepherd puppies, must be exposed to consistent training habits. A dog that’s not corrected after each mistake will continue to perform an improper behavior. In contrast, owners should also be consistent with rewards during good behaviors. The rewards don’t have to be edible treats either. A good massage, praising word and other actions are just as rewarding as a crunchy treat. Dogs will remember these rewards and corrections as they become second nature over time.

Be Aware of the Dog’s Feelings

Most pet owners treat their dogs as one of the family. With this concept in mind, it’s important to be observant of the pet’s daily demeanor. Similar to a human being, dogs may not feel like practicing obedience at times. They might be tired or agitated from an environmental factor, such as fireworks being set off over the summer. When owners see disinterest in the pet’s eyes, simply postpone the dog training. The pet needs to perceive the obedience lessons as fun and not a negative aspect of his or her day.

Encouraging Professional Dog Training Skills

When pet owners take their German shepherd puppies to a professional trainer, it’s important to pay careful attention to the commands. Ideally, pet owners want to simulate the same training patterns at home. This strategy only solidifies the information in the dog’s mind. Pet owners might ask the trainers to work with them for a short time period. Understanding the science behind German Shepherd puppy training will only make the process easier for both humans and canines. Reputable trainers are always happy to explain the training process to eager owners.

Have a Backup Plan

Dogs and owners will make mistakes during at-home training sessions. A property might have a huge yard where the dog is allowed to frolic and practice those obedience skills. This scenario is the safest way to train at home. If owners take the pet out to the park, however, be ready with a backup plan. A leash should always be ready in case the dog doesn’t respond to commands. The leash tells the dog to behave, and it keeps everyone safe from any unusual behaviors.

Every dog breed has a slightly different learning curve, including German shepherd puppies. Practice patience with each breed because they’ll react in various ways to certain training strategies. When owners understand the best way to train their pets, the obedience process will move along with success each day.

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