How to Prepare for Your First Dog Adoption

How to Prepare for Your First Dog Adoption


Welcoming a dog into the household is a day that’s full of excitement, but it’s also a huge commitment for everyone involved. Dogs can live more than 10 years, so it’s important to be well-prepared for that first day. Preparing for a dog adoption day takes considerable time, so that the new family member feels welcome.


Research the Breed

An entire household might have agreed on German shepherd puppies as their favorite breed to adopt, but animal research must be approached with logic in mind. Large dogs require a lot of space to run and play, for instance. Pet lovers living in a small apartment may want to entertain the idea of a small dog breed, so the animal is happy in their household.


Dog Adoption and Household Preparedness

Regardless of a dog’s age upon adoption, every household is full of exciting new items to chew and sniff. However, many household items are extremely dangerous for dogs. Pet lovers must think like a dog and remove any harmful items before the animal even arrives at the home. Picking up paperclips and old chocolate wrappers, for example, are simple ways to make the home safer for that new canine friend.


Look for a Reputable Trainer

German shepherd puppies might be adorable and small right now, but these dogs quickly grow in size. It’s critical to have a dog trainer on hand after the dog adoption, so that these puppies can grow up with stellar obedience. At a certain age, puppies should learn how to sit, fetch and stay to be well-behaved adults in the future.


Be Flexible with the Dog’s Eating Habits

When an adopted dog first enters the home, he or she may be nervous and scared. In fact, their eating habits may be very unpredictable for some time. New owners should keep several dog food types at the home to try with the canine. When the pet acclimates to the situation, they’ll decide on their favorite food with no problem.

It doesn’t matter if prospective pet owners live in San Antonio or New Braunfels, every owner must find a highly skilled veterinarian for their loving dog. Pet owners could have German shepherd puppies or other breeds at home, but all dogs must have their appropriate shots and yearly physicals. With a loving home, frequent doctor visits and an animal trainer, that first dog adoption will result in a loyal friend for many years.


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