How to Welcome German Shepherd Puppies Into Your Home

You might be very excited after you’ve visited a breeder and have chosen a new pup to bring home. However, your new pup might not be as excited to come with you as you might hope. They may be extremely stressed and scared. Bringing home German Shepherd puppies takes planning, consideration, and patience to make such big changes go as smoothly as possible for your new furry friend. Here are some tips to help with the transition. 

In Preparation for German Shepherd Puppies

You should make certain preparations before you bring your new pup home. For instance, make sure that you will be home for several days after the homecoming. This will allow you and your family to provide house training, playtime, and comfort. It can be stressful for a puppy to adjust to new homes. You should have all the equipment you need all ready to go, such as water and feeding bowls, leash, collar, and puppy toys. Make sure you have lots of treats to reward the pup for behaviors that you want to encourage. 

When You Are at the Breeder

When you go to pick up your pup, make sure that you are early for the appointment. That way you can spend some time playing and getting to know the dog, and they can get to know you. This is especially important if you’ve never met the dog before, but you should always do your best to visit dog breeders to meet a dog before adopting them. German shepherd puppies are like any other puppies. They love to play and they love treats and affection. If you are able to provide those ahead of time, then it will go a long way to making them comfortable for going home with you. 


Many dog breeders will send a few days worth of food home with german shepherd puppies. This helps them feel more comfortable, but it can also help prevent upset tummies or a loss of appetite when the dog shifts to new food. You can slowly taper down the amount of old food to the new food so that the dog can get used to it. 

At home

Once you finally have your new family member at home, you will want to make sure that they can explore their new surroundings calmly and safely. You do not want a stressed-out pup on their first day. They may end up with a bad impression of their home, and it can be tough to shake that. Try not to have visitors, and if you have other pets, introduce them slowly. Give them time to sniff each other out and possibly even play a bit. You can start training your pup immediately. This is the best time to start building habits for teaching what is acceptable and not acceptable in your home. If you let a pup get away with something on that first day, they may get confused when you try to prevent it later on. 


The most important thing when it comes to German Shepherd puppies is that you treat them with love and patience when you bring them home. It is a life-changing experience that can be scary and stressful for a puppy. For more guidance, talk to one of the best dog breeders in New Braunfels, San Antonio, and the surrounding area. Lara’s Canine Solutions is here to help you have the best life with your dog.

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