Why we love German Shepherd puppies; and you should too!

Why we love German Shepherd puppies; and you should too!

Dog enthusiasts will often see German shepherd breeds working with law officers or simply guarding a civilian’s home. In fact, this dog breed is incredibly popular with families because it’s a companion and protector for everyone at home. It’s natural to adore German Shepherd puppies from the breeder’s perspective. That enthusiasm is usually catching as families decide on dog adoption. There are several reasons why everyone loves German Shepherds. ┬áDiscovering a new companion is easy at a breeder’s facility.

Breeding with Precision

Reputable dog breeders keep careful track of their dogs’ reproductive cycles. They know which mother and father contributed to each litter. When dog enthusiasts visit a breeder for a possible dog adoption, they’ll receive paperwork describing the pet’s ancestry. This breeding precision isn’t possible when German shepherds are adopted from other facilities.

Training Takes Center Stage

German shepherds are lovable when they’re puppies and adults, but bad habits can set in if they aren’t properly trained. As puppies, this breed uses their mouths and teeth to explore their surroundings. Although this practice is important as a puppy, it’s outright destructive for adults. Breeders encourage healthy puppy habits while training them to behave as future adults.

German Shepard Puppies and their Intelligence

German shepherds cannot be left alone on a constant basis. These animals are extremely intelligent, and they require mental and physical stimulation as a result. Breeders and trainers work with the puppies so that they have basic obedience skills. They’ll teach them some advanced skills as they grow older also. Dog owners need to use basic commands and play with the animal after adoption so that boredom doesn’t set in. German shepherds can damage personal property if they feel neglected or bored.

Matching Puppies to the Right Home

Adopting a German shepherd puppy is a big step for any family. The breeders know their animals, and they’ll try to match a puppy’s personality to a given family. Some puppies can be outgoing, shy or cuddly personalities. When the puppy is properly matched to the owners, a lifelong relationship begins.

When San Antonio residents consider a dog adoption, they should evaluate their home before looking at any German Shepherd puppies. These animals will need a yard with almost constant companionship. If a family can provide these resources, your German shepherd will have a happy and fulfilling life.

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