Loving and Protective German Shepherd Puppies.

Loving and Protective German Shepherd Puppies.

From movies to television, German shepherd puppies are portrayed as police and service dogs once they grow up. As any dog trainer will confirm, this species is extremely intelligent, loving and protective simultaneously. Because they can grow into a relatively large dog, it’s important to train and practice positive behaviors to avoid unwanted habits. German shepherds are perfect for active families that want a protector as well as a loving companion.


Start out Right

Puppies are a bundle of energy, so direct it into desired behaviors. A dog trainer works with these pets to cultivate understanding about positive and negative actions. The dogs simply see the training as fun and stimulation. They want to run, grab an item and receive a reward. Beginning training early allows dogs to grow up with a sense of control, especially as they grow too big to be picked up.


Keep German Shepherd Puppies Stimulated

Aside from training, German shepherds need stimulation most of the day. That’s why they are considered a great family dog. Kids can play with them for hours, wearing both themselves and the animal out. When dogs aren’t stimulated physically, they look to other ways to entertain themselves. Chewing and biting on furniture, for instance, becomes an issue for many dogs without stimulation.


Jobs Make them Happy

It’s not just the physical side necessary for stimulation, but also mental. German shepherds were bred for jobs around the homestead, such as herding. Problem solving to herd the animals was a part of each day. Give the family dog a job or two during the day. Train them to respond to intruders on the property, for example. The dog can also fetch newspapers too. Any job to make their day more enjoyable is being a smart pet owner.


Rewards Make the Grade

No animal wants to perform an activity and receive nothing for it. Provide the dog with lavish attention while offering praise for a job well-done. Don’t ignore them because it is a form of negative reinforcement. They’ll see their actions as undesirable. Offer food treats between the praise to solidify their good work. If the family’s German shepherd puppies aren’t behaving correctly, consult a dog trainer as soon as possible. They may have suggestions to steer the pets back on-track. From proper rewards to complex commands, working with dogs is a challenge, but offers more love in return than any other job.

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