Narrowing Down the Best Dog Trainer

Narrowing Down the Best Dog Trainer

Whether a pet owner has a large or small animal, training the dog is one of the most important aspects of ownership. Commanding the dog to obey will keep both the pet and surrounding bystanders safe. Narrowing down the best dog trainer can take some research, but the effort can benefit the family for many years.

Breed Behavior Expertise

Any quality dog training begins with a trainer who has a background with several breeds. Every dog breed has a unique set of personality traits and quirks that are constantly evolving. A quality trainer will have an extensive history with various breeds along with associated classes that continue the education into the present period. Some professionals train at a local veterinarian hospital or nearby college. Other trainers work as apprentices to older and more experienced experts that pass on their knowledge. Without breed behavior expertise, a trainer won’t have the inside knowledge to work diligently with a new owner and puppy.


Current Certification

A clever way to narrow down other dog training professionals is by looking up their dog trainer certification. In most areas, it’s not a requirement to have a certification. However, this designation reflects the efforts on the part of the trainer to be a standout candidate. For any professional to have a certificate, he or she must pass several tests that are based on current scientific methods. These protocols are always designed from a positive-reinforcement perspective with breed-specific information added in. Most certification programs require a reevaluation every three to five years, depending on the education type. Pet owners are welcome to verify any certification as a way to pick the best training expert.

Breeding Experience

Another distinct way to narrow down any training selections is by asking about breeding experience. Many trainers also extend their services to breeding activities. These professionals are usually dedicated to their art because breeding and training are both complex activities that require a lot of knowledge and time. If a trainer is also a successful breeder, that professional will normally have extensive knowledge that will only benefit their clients in the long run.

Industry Reputation

In today’s connected world, reviews surrounding any service or product can be found online. Trainers are service providers who’re also found on review websites. Pet owners might read several reviews about a provider or facility so that they can get a well-rounded view of the expertise level. It’s important to note that every business or individual will have some negative comments. Take all of the comments into consideration when making a final decision between professionals. In the end, there might be two or three different professionals who may fit the family’s needs.

Dog Trainer Directory Listings

All industries have some questionable characters. Anyone can try to become a dog trainer; which makes the effort to find a training or breeding expert that much more important. There are listings of local trainers based on their location and specialty services. Being listed in directories to the public usually means they have a proven track record with their qualification and they want to relay that to the public. In some cases, their certifications have been verified by an independent group. When pet owners are being cautious about their selections, a verified business listing is an intelligent pathway to the right expert.

Large cities, such as San Antonio, will often have many dog training facilities available to the public. Ideally, pet owners should visit several properties in order to make an educated decision. A qualified dog trainer can be like part of the family as the pet grows and develops through the years.

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