New Puppy Plans for a Holiday Gift? Consider Dog Training Prior to Delivery of the Pup

New Puppy Plans for a Holiday Gift? Consider Dog Training Prior to Delivery of the Pup

The quintessential holiday gift of a puppy popping out of a huge box with a bow on top is an image many people want to make a reality, especially for parents. Adding a new family friend is a big decision, however. Puppies are a handful if they aren’t properly trained. Plan this holiday purchase carefully and consider training the dog before the big gift-giving day.


Acquire the Pup Early

Find the new pup several months before the holidays. Use a dog boarding facility to house the furry friend in the meantime. If the dog is a surprise for the kids, for example, the parents should visit the dog every day at the facility. The pet must understand who their new masters are before any trust can be cultivated.


Ample Dog Training

Use the dog boarding time to take part in training classes. Most pups learn quickly when they’re young, allowing them to fetch, stay and heel on command. Don’t just commit to one class, but continue with enrichment classes to keep the ideas fresh in the dog’s mind. The moment they reach the new home, they’ll be ready with a calm demeanor.


Ready for the Home

Families and friends don’t want a frustrating pet as a gift so dog training is crucial on the big gift day. The dog will already know to take care of their business outside and respond to basic commands. Kids can put them on a leash with no problems. The transition into the new home is almost seamless.


Surprise the Kids

Bringing a pet into a household is a family decision. If parents want to surprise the kids, make it a dual present. All the household adults should be aware and part of the dog training process. The pet fits in quickly with the family as they adhere to all training ideals. Whether pet enthusiasts live in San Antonio or New Braunfels, a new puppy is a major household change for the entire family. Consider dog boarding over a weekend if the pet needs a refresher on basic skills and training. It gives the family time to take off on some holiday retreats without leaving the dog behind alone. Using dog training as a welcoming tool allows the pet to fit in quickly with the family with fewer accidents in the long run.


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